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"Gal Pals" is the name for the friendship between the show's four female main characters: Karen Plankton, Sandy Cheeks, Mrs. Puff and Pearl Krabs. Although they appear in many episodes, they first form their friend group in "Girls' Night Out." They reform the group in "A Cabin in the Kelp."

The Gal Pals usually get around by climbing onto Karen and having her drive them around on her wheels. Karen's computer screen has a graphic reading "GAL PALS" that she displays whenever the Gal Pals are in action.

Pearl officially joins the group as its newest member in "A Cabin in the Kelp." The reason why she was originally not part of the group is because she is a teenager while the other three are adults.


The group is a quartet made up of Karen, Sandy, Mrs. Puff and Pearl. The Gal Pal group was created by Sandy in order to help Karen and Mrs. Puff relax from their stressful lives. They do this by drinking hot chocolate together and pranking some of their close friends.

Role in series

"Girls' Night Out"

The group at the café.

The Gal Pals laughing.

After Sandy spends a week as an amoeba, she calls Karen and Mrs. Puff to a meeting at a corner café that night to tell them about it. However, when they meet up, Karen and Mrs. Puff bemoan about their stressful lives due to Plankton and SpongeBob respectively, so Sandy decides to make their girls' night out fun.

The Gal Pals first stop outside the Chum Bucket, where they plan to prank Plankton by disguising as Mr. Krabs and luring Plankton over to the Krusty Krab with a promise of the Krabby Patty secret formula. Though Karen is unsure at first, she decides to help and the plan goes smoothly, causing Plankton to trigger an alarm in the Krusty Krab and making the real Mr. Krabs show up. Krabs and Plankton fight each other as the Gal Pals laugh at a prank gone right.

Their next stop is SpongeBob's house, where they place a virtual reality helmet on him and pretend to give him a driver's license and put him in a shopping cart to simulate a new boatmobile. However, SpongeBob starts talking about driving, pushing Mrs. Puff to her limit and making her throw the cart around. As Sandy and Karen calm her down, SpongeBob rolls down the street, and the Gal Pals go to rescue him.

The three pursue SpongeBob until he reaches a dead end, where Mrs. Puff uses herself as an airbag to save SpongeBob's life. They reveal the prank to SpongeBob, who loves it and wants to stay by Mrs. Puff's side due to her saving him. The Gal Pals quickly leave, and Sandy says she has the perfect place for the three to relax.

Soon after, the Gal Pals have been shrunk to the size of amoebas, and are happy due to the peace and quiet. However, SpongeBob suddenly shows up followed by Mr. Krabs and Plankton, and the girls bemoan how the boys are acting.

"A Cabin in the Kelp"

Mrs. Puff driving to the cabin.

Around the campfire.

The Gal Pals running.

Flibberty Jibbet.

The Gal Pals name Pearl as their newest member. To officially induct her into the group, they take her camping at a cabin in Kelp Forest. Pearl gets the feeling that they will try to prank her, so she packs SpongeBob in her backpack and tells him to scare the other Gal Pals when they are telling ghost stories.

Mrs. Puff drives the group to their cabin, and they put all of their luggage in a trailer hitch. The hitch gets loose and falls into an uncharted area of the forest, stranding SpongeBob there. The Gal Pals arrive at their cabin. Sandy fixes up the furniture, Karen recharges herself with a jellyfish, and Mrs. Puff makes a cornucopia of food.

Pearl is worried about SpongeBob and calls him on her phone. She is relieved to hear that he is okay, but he is actually lost in the forest. The Gal Pals start telling ghost stories by a campfire. Karen, Sandy and Mrs. Puff tell Pearl the story of their former friend. They had a fight with her in the same area of the forest, and she stayed there after the fight, never returning to Bikini Bottom.

Pearl is scared, but laughs along with the others when she realizes this was the prank they were planning. She gets scared again when they explain that all of the things they said about Flibberty were true. An old saleslady appears, and the Gal Pals think it is Flibberty after years of living in the forest. They are terrified and run away after the fish enters their cabin.

SpongeBob finally finds his way to the cabin. The fish grabs him and brings him inside. The Gal Pals realize that they need to save him, so they charge back into the cabin together. It turns out that the fish is not Flibberty but a cabin-to-cabin saleslady. The real Flibberty, a dolphin, appears behind them and tries to forgive the Gal Pals for their fight. The Gal Pals are so scared that they run off into the forest before they can hear her.


The Gal Pals voice actors in real-life.

  • Their logo is similar to that of the BBC Video logo from the 1980's.
  • Despite having been introduced in "Girls' Night Out," it can be said that the Gal Pals have existed before that episode.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, the Gal Pals were called "Compañeras" (Partners) in "Girls' Night Out," but in "A Cabin in the Kelp," they're called "Secre-amigas" (Secret Friends), this is most likely a translation error.