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The Fun Arcade is an arcade with video games and other slot machine-like games that operate on coins. It appears in the episodes "The Cent of Money" and "Karen's Baby," and in the online game Boat-O-Cross 3.



The structure of the building is shaped like a metal bucket with silver coins in it. It has a large arrow-shaped neon sign that says "Fun" and another sign on the building that says "Arcade." The inside also features bathrooms and a change machine that accepts bills.

Role in series

"The Cent of Money"

Mr. Krabs goes to the Fun Arcade because he wants to collect coins with magnetic Gary. He dresses up like a pregnant woman so that the security will not notice him. The machine that gives change and all the arcade games are destroyed because Gary collects too many coins.

"Karen's Baby"

Karen takes her baby Chip to the Fun Arcade for some fun. Chip goes into an arcade cabinet and plays as Karen watches, but she tries to get Chip out when she sees how dangerous the game is getting. When Chip get out of the cabinet, he upgrades into a teenager and yells at Karen, causing her to retaliate and angrily drag him back to the Chum Bucket.

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