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"Fun & Done!" is a The Patrick Star Show episode from season 1. In this episode, Patrick and SpongeBob unlock a dull child's imagination.



It's a bright and sunny day in Ukulele Bottom, and the French narrator mentions how "life under the sea is beautiful, but often savage and strange." Patrick is subsequently seen in his room, eating some food while watching a television show about real-life sea stars have their stomachs pop out of their bodies to feast on their meals. Despite Patrick thinking that it's quite gross, he decides to try it anyway - leading to his stomach popping out of his belly button and eating his food for him. However, that all ends when the star hears a doorbell, pulling back his stomach into his body and going to answer the door.

Patrick presents himself at the front of the house in a confused state, and he sees a woman fish tell him all about her son Patrick has to tutor, Lil' Andy, and all of the materials he needs for his unexpected stay at the Star house. Before the fish runs off to dawdle in her own business, she yells him out one more warning - not to "overstimulate" him. With that, she drives off to work, and Andy and Patrick are left all alone.

Fun & Done! 021

Pat and Andy are seen alone in the Star home.

Patrick and Andy enter the coffee-pot home and the former explains he has no idea what tutoring is even supposed to be about, so Patrick suggests the two just have fun. Andy subsequently responds by questioning what fun even is, causing Patrick to scream and SpongeBob to suddenly pop up and question who doesn't know what fun is. The star points at "Blandy," and SpongeBob then says excitedly that the kid fish is a blank slate, and the two can now teach him what fun is. SpongeBob and Patrick then decide to show him fun, first by getting themselves electrocuted by an eel - but Andy shows no interest, even when the eel prompts and zaps him. SpongeBob and Patrick then try to show Andy all sorts of fun things, like ice cream and a Mermaid Man action figure, but nothing seems to be doing the trick. SpongeBob, after seeing such lousiness and boredom, decides to take drastic measures, and the two hop into Andy's head.

Patrick wonders what the two are looking for inside Andy's head, with SpongeBob replying that they need to find his sense of fun. As the two continue walking around, Patrick trips on a doorknob, and SpongeBob realizes that he's found the source of his imagination - but aren't sure how to access it, as it's all locked up. Patrick decides to use his stomach trick from earlier to get rid of the locks enclosing it, which works, as the door ends up spewing out a swarm of magical creatures that don't take long to invade Patrick's house. Everything seems like fun & games, until some of Andrew's creatures start wreaking havoc and destroying things. Sponge and Pat try to calm Andy down, but he ignores them and creates a baby-like creature who chew on them. Unfortunately, all of this is going down right when Andy's mom comes to pick him up. Patrick picks up on this and feels that the two in a real pickle, saying how they haven't even tutored him like they were supposed to. SpongeBob retaliates, saying that it's as boring as doing the dishes. This causes the fish creature he was holding on to disappear, making him realize that fighting back with boring things make the imaginary figures go away. SpongeBob then escapes and vaporizes the baby head, and the two "tutors" chase after Andy.

While all of this is going on, Andy's mom hears everything going on inside, and believes that "overstimulation" is occurring. She continues to plead for her son as Patrick and SpongeBob attack the creatures with boredom, which seems to work, as every last one of them is eventually gone. Andy's fun won't stop though, as his imagination is so powerful all of the creatures spawn back into existence within seconds. SpongeBob decides that the two are going to have to go back into his head to stop the endless spurts of fun. Through trials and tribulations, the duo reach the source, but their bare bodies aren't enough to stop Andy's imagination door from being unlocked once again. Patrick then decides to use his stomach trick for a final time, which throws up the locks to the fish's imagination and closes it off for good.

Andrew's mom finally gets into Patrick's house, and despite thinking that an over-stimulated Andy has run loose, he's seen peacefully sitting down with SpongeBob and Patrick doing nothing. Andy's mom is relieved to see her son OK, and pays SpongeBob and Patrick a quarter for their services. Patrick enters the coin into SpongeBob's internal hole-casino, to which he wins a pile of cherries, to his dismay.

Fun & Done! 200

The world in engulfed in "fun."

Andy and his mom are seen going home, ready to fold some napkins. Patrick exclaims his adieu to Andy, hoping to have "fun" next time. Andy is suddenly triggered by this, and his fun is unlocked once again, engulfing the Earth as the episode ends.


This episode was confirmed by Cartoonlounge.de on March 7, 2022.[1]

The episode was added to the United States Copyright Office on March 9, 2023.[2]

Promotional art and images[]

  • Art drawn by Amanda Donahue,[3] photo by and of Kenny Pittenger.[4]



PAT Fun and Done Plusboards


 ) Production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  William Tell-overture - Gioacchino Rossini [Opening.]
  Dancing Silhouette - Harry Breuer, Jean-Jacques Perrey [Patrick's stomach eats his food.]
  Kiddy Kappers - Harry Breuer, Jean-Jacques Perrey [Andy's mother drops him off at Patrick's house.]
  Wooden Bear - Gil Flat, Tony Tape, Florian Voelxen [Patrick takes Andy inside the house.]
  Dramatic Impact (2) - Ivor Slaney [Patrick screams.]
  Spooky - Hans May ["Doesn't... know... fun."]
  Dramatic Impact (5) - Ivor Slaney ["Who doesn't know what fun is?!"]
  Spooky - Hans May ["Patrick, do you know what this means?"]
  Hgliss & Bell - Nicolas Carr ["It means that kid is a blank slate!"]
  Kiyouli Le Clown - Harry Breuer, Jean-Jacques Perrey ["We get to teach him what fun is!"]
  Planet Surface - Gregor F. Narholz ["Fun! Fun! Fun!"]
  Horror Cue 5 C - Gregor F. Narholz ["Fun! Fun! Fun!"]
  Kiyouli Le Clown - Harry Breuer, Jean-Jacques Perrey [SpongeBob and Patrick prepare a game for Andy.]
  Horror Cue 5 C - Gregor F. Narholz [Eel hisses at Patrick.]
  Say it with a Smile (A) - Dick Walter ["Hehe, spicy fun."]
  Horror Cue 5 C - Gregor F. Narholz [Eel growls at SpongeBob.]
  Say it with a Smile (A) - Dick Walter ["Crispy fun."]
  Wooden Bear - Gil Flat, Tony Tape, Florian Voelxen [Eel tries to get Andy's attention.]
  Hawaiian Flower - Jon Jelmer ["Alright boys, I'm off the clock. See you next week, same time."]
  Hgliss & Bell - Nicolas Carr ["Ice cream's fun!"]
  Wooden Bear - Gil Flat, Tony Tape, Florian Voelxen [SpongeBob and Patrick shoving fun objects in Andy's face.]
  Sword Fight Alt End - Sam Fonteyn ["Time for drastic measures!"]
  Weird Bridge - Roger Roger [SpongeBob and Patrick go inside Andy's head.]
  ? - Ego Plum [SpongeBob and Patrick walking inside Andy's empty head.]
  Aquarium - Bernard Babaud, Eric Gemsa ["Aha! Blandy's imagination door!"]
  Hgliss & Bell - Nicolas Carr [Patrick gets an idea.]
  Fight the Beast! [#20] - Gregor F. Narholz [Patrick's stomach eats the locks on Andy's imagination door.]
  Dancing Silhouette - Harry Breuer, Jean-Jacques Perrey [Patrick feeds his stomach a bagel.]
  ? - Ego Plum [Andy starts spawning a bunch of fun things.]
  Monster Bug 35 - Gregor F. Narholz [Baby head grabs SpongeBob and Patrick.]
  Six Powerful Cues (B) - Wilfred Burns [Baby head chewing on SpongeBob and Patrick.]
  Spooky - Hans May ["We were supposed to tutor him? But that's so boring! As boring as doing the dishes."]
  Idea Sting - Nicolas Carr [Fish disappears out of SpongeBob's hands.]
  Big Ed's March - Sam Spence ["Quick! Let's clean up this mess before we get sued for malpractice!"]
  Drama Unlimited 4 - Ronald Hanmer ["That's the sound of overstimulation!"]
  Gypsy Jazz March - Sam Spence [SpongeBob and Patrick making the fun things vanish.]
  Finger of Suspicion - Max Saunders [Andy makes the fun things reappear.]
  Big Enterprise - Wilfred Burns [SpongeBob and Patrick go back in Andy's head and close his imagination door.]
  Tales From The Swamp (B) - Ron Goodwin [Andrew Fishman!/Andy's mom busts down the door.]
  Dancing Silhouette - Harry Breuer, Jean-Jacques Perrey ["We just sat on the floor quietly for about 11 minutes."]
  Kiddy Kappers - Harry Breuer, Jean-Jacques Perrey ["Andy, what do you say we go home and fold some laundry?"]
  ? - Ego Plum [Ending.]




  • This episode was originally called "Fun and Done,"[6][7][8][1] with the difference in the current title being that it has an "&" symbol replacing the word "and," and there is also an exclamation point.
    • This change makes it the first pair of Patrick segments to have both of their titles altered.
  • Patrick is shown ejecting his stomach to eat food like a real starfish.
  • This is the second episode in which Patrick, after a few seconds of not doing anything, starts screaming in horror, following "The Patterfly Effect."
  • When Andrew Fishman's mother breaks down the door, SpongeBob tells her that they just sat quietly for 11 minutes, referencing the length of the episode and breaking the fourth wall.
  • When Patrick greets Andy's mother, he is seen opening the door with his teeth.
  • When Andy's imagination transforms the kitchen, a mug that says "#1 Dad" can be seen with a stern expression and Cecil's mustache.
  • The title is a pun on the phrase "one and done."
  • The inside of Andy's head is similar to the Doodle Dimension from the episode of the same name, with both locations being presented as completely blank.

Episode references[]

  • SpongeBob and Patrick's medieval outfits from "Dunces and Dragons" appear in one scene, but their outfits have different color schemes.


Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (American) Puerta a la imaginación Door to the Imagination
Spanish (European) Diversión particular Particular Fun



  1. ^ Also listed as "PAT041" in the segment's storyboards, and simply "041" in its model sheets.