The Fry Cook Museum is a museum that first appears in the episode "Neptune's Spatula."



The Fry Cook Museum is where people can look at fry-cook-related items, including the Golden Spatula, which many people (including Larry the Lobster) have tried to take out of the rock hard ancient grease.


The entire Fry Cook Museum is shaped like a Franklin pot oven with a wooden walkway leading up to it. The sign is shaped like a spatula, and it reads the museum name in white and red.


The interior has blue walls and many items on display.

Role in series

"Neptune's Spatula"

It is the place that SpongeBob and Patrick go to visit. SpongeBob manages to pull the Golden Spatula out of the rock-hard ancient grease, but King Neptune refuses to believe that fact. He then challenges SpongeBob to a patty-making competition and takes him and Patrick to the Poseidome Colosseum.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Essential Guide

It appears on the map of Bikini Bottom.

SpongeBob Moves In!

It is a place that can be added. King Neptune is added with the building.

Associated characters

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  • The Golden Spatula (the Tour Guide gets one through)
  • Hot dog stand (with the hot dog vendor, Lou)
  • Krusty McPatty
  • Delicious-looking Burger
  • Menu section
  • Fork
  • Gift shop
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