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Α frozen Krabby Patty is a Krabby Patty that has been frozen, and is made to be warmed in a microwave, specifically a Patrick microwave. It appears and plays a major role in the episode "Goodbye, Krabby Patty?"



The cover is blue with pea-green color in some parts around it. In the center, there is a Krabby Patty and the words "frozen" upside and "Krabby Patties" downside written in white capital letters between it. Other variants include one with the words "Krabby Patties" right under the word "frozen" and another one with yellow color and pea-green around it à la a sponge and the words "Krabby Patty" right under the word "frozen," both of which are written in red capital text.

The back of the cover has a light blue background with a yellow circle that has light blue color all around and the word "enjoy" also in light blue text, the words "the convenience" written in orange capital text, and "of a" right below it and the words "Krabby Patty" in red, right beside Patrick, who is holding a Krabby Patty.

Unhappy Patrick holding a half-eaten Frozen Krabby Patty


Much like synthetic Krabby Patties, frozen Krabby Patties are also made to look like normal Krabby Patties. Unlike synthetic Krabby Patties, however, frozen Krabby Patties' fillings look very similar to normal Krabby Patties' fillings, except the frozen Krabby Patty's patty is more pink, similar to the real-life "pink slime." The synthetic patties were also shown to be somewhat palatable compared to the frozen ones. However, the taste is visibly horrible, as they are made out of sand instead of being a frozen original fresh handmade. They are made in the Krusty Factory.


  • Frozen Krabby Patty doll
  • Patrick Plush
  • I ♥ Frozen Krabby Patties T-shirt
  • Frozen Krabby Patty hat

Role in episode

Frozen Krabby Patties were originally conceived by SpongeBob after witnessing a package of Lonely Krab in Mr. Krabs' shopping cart at Barg'N-Mart, and made through a business collaboration between Mr. Krabs and Don Grouper. It is, according to the packaging, a "convenience" for the consumer, with Patrick hired as the mascot.

However, SpongeBob becomes suspicious of the Frozen Krabby Patties' recipe behind bars, then finally takes notice when he eats the "frozen patty" and realizes that the filler was sand instead of it being original fresh handmade and increases the size of its consumers' buttocks. With Patrick recovering his love for the sandwich by eating the original fresh handmade Krabby Patty from SpongeBob, he alarms the citizens who enjoy frozen Krabby Patties that the ingredients are made out of the sand by revealing this at the shareholders meeting for the Frozen Krabby Patties 400th commercial. This causes the citizens who ate the false frozen patties to vomit out the sand in their stomachs, while the others who did not eat them yet throw them in the garbage immediately. Even Mr. Krabs is shocked and fainted by this revelation and did not pay attention to how the frozen Krabby Patties are processed from the beginning.

Patrick revealing the truth about Frozen Krabby Patties.

Thus the citizens demand a refund on those sand patties they bought. As a result, the Krusty Factory and its products are forced to shut down. However, at the same time, SpongeBob revives the Krusty Krab by grilling the original fresh handmade Krabby Patties for the customers.




The Krusty Krab Frozen Krabby Patty Commercial

A commercial featuring Mr. Krabs advertising the product