— - Fred Rechid

Fred Rechid is a greenish brown fish (sometimes blue) who was the first of the regular generic character models to appear in the series.

He was first seen in the episode Reef Blower. However he is barely seen in the episode, as he was in a car as SpongeBob zoomed past him. He's most often seen at the Krusty Krab.

His name was revealed in the episode Patty Hype, where he was advertising the Shell Shack's talking and singing dog.

He is voiced by Doug Lawrence. He is famous for the running gag in which he says "MY LEG!" This quotation first appeared in the episode Boating School.

He is seen screaming this phrase out loud in Arrgh! when Mr. Krabs throws him out of the Krusty Krab by his legs and when he sings about a Jelly Sandwich he ate in Jellyfish Hunter.

In "A Pal for Gary", Fred is seen buying a Puffy Fluffy with his son, Monroe Timmy.

Fred appeared in Face Freeze!. He has been seen in many episodes at the movie theater. There is one episode where he does get hurt, but he says "my leg" in a dull tone, implying that he has sustained enough injuries to not feel the pain.


  • "Amazing."
  • "Hey, Tom!"
  • "Rev up those fryers, 'cause I'm sure hungry for one...... HELP!!! HELP!!! MY LEG!!!"
  • "Thanks for the lies, Mr. Fairy Tale!!"
  • "Monster Krabby Patty?!"
  • "But let's not forget about the real composer, Squidward!"
  • "Hey, all you people!"
  • "I've got to tell someone about this!"
  • "To my tail fin."
  • "Are you kidding me?"
  • "Ow, my leg!"
  • "My Leg!!!"
  • "Let's get out of here!"

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