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Fred's snail is a snail who appears in the episodes "Grooming Gary," "Tentacle-Vision," and "Gary in Love." She is one of the pets featured in the Bikini Bottom Pet Show.


She has light purple and teal skin. She has a light red shell with the bottom shaped like a dress and a small thin red swirl on it. She has a brown leash around her shell. She wears a purple bow on her shell and has teal eyes and eyelashes. She also has blonde curly hair and light purple eyelids.

Role in series

"Grooming Gary"

She is between Incidental F9's snail and Drake the Snail. She becomes agitated with all of the other snails when Gary speaks out. She uses her necklace as a lasso and pulls Fred, her owner, by his eyeballs.


She is one of the exotic pets on Fab and Fancy!

"Gary in Love"

She and another snail are walked by Incidental 27.


  • Different snails are walked by Fred in "Gary in Love."[1][2]