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Not to be confused with Unnamed purple doctor.
Not to be confused with Dr. Gill Gilliam.

Fred's doctor is a doctor who appears in the episodes "Code Yellow" and "My Leg!" As his name implies, he is the doctor of Fred.


Fred's doctor is a light purple fish with a small light green dorsal fin who wears glasses, a white doctor's coat, and a head mirror. He has large teeth and a big mouth. He is yellow in "Code Yellow."

Role in series

"Code Yellow"

He appears as one of the doctors watching SpongeBob give Squidward a nose job.

"My Leg"

The doctor appears to remove Fred's cast on his leg and he tells Fred to be more careful with his leg, or else he will have to replace it with a robot's leg. Fred finds this cool, but his doctor tells him that it is not and that the leg with be taken from another robot. He is then seen at the end of the episode, dancing and grinning to Fred's song.
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