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My leg!
— Fred's signature catchphrase

Fred[1] also known as Incidental 1,[2] Incidental F1,[3] Incidental 1D,[4] and Incidental 1ISH[5] is a fish who first appears in the episode "Reef Blower" while his production order debut was in "Squeaky Boots." He is classified as a "hotdog" type incidental.



He has been nameless through most appearances throughout seasons 1 to 10, but in "Patty Hype," he was named Fred, and in Season 11, the crew re-adapted the name and has been named Fred most frequently. He has had other names, however, such as:


He is a brown fish with light tan fins and black eyes. He wears brown pants and a black belt with a gold belt buckle. He also has visible nostrils.

Incidental F1

He is pale green with a yellow-green dorsal fin. He lacks nostrils and wears a black suit over a white dress shirt along with black pants and a purple bowtie and belt. He was originally colored dark brown like his normal variant.

Incidental 1D

He is colored teal with gray fins and wears thick round glasses with olive green lenses.

Incidental 1ISH

He wears the Empty Head Society fez with a propeller on top and his left eye appears to be bigger than his right one.


Not much is known about Fred's personality, as he is an incidental, however, many of his appearances imply that he is accident-prone or unlucky, as he often gets himself into dangerous situations which is to the point of yelling My Leg, one major example was in the episode My Leg!, however, he only breaks it because of a nurse, Fred can also be very antagonistic, as the other incidentals are, and will cause an angry mob at the second, Fred also seems to be a very good singer, as seen in “Jellyfish Hunter” & “My Leg!

Role in series

Fred making his most notable appearance in the episode "My Leg!"

Fred performing his song, “Hey All You People,” in the episode “Jellyfish Hunter.” Another one of his notable appearances in the series.

Fred is arguably the most commonly used incidental character in the series. Throughout the series he has commonly had minor speaking roles or has made brief appearances as a background character along with the other incidental characters. He has been heard yelling "My leg!" in many episodes, usually during dangerous events. He appears as the main protagonist of the episode "My Leg!," which mainly focuses on him throughout the episode. He has made many more prominent roles in the series ever since "My Leg!"

Major roles

"Boating School"

He is seen as a pedestrian with a cane during SpongeBob's boating exam where SpongeBob helps him walk across the street faster I. order to continue his exam.

"Home Sweet Pineapple"

His boatmobile is eaten by nematodes, which causes him to say "Naw, dang nematodes!" while he still appears to be driving in the air.

"Culture Shock"

He buys a tomato from Mr. Krabs' salad bar to throw at Squidward.


When Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to swipe the Krabby Patty Plankton stole from his pocket, Incidental 42 swipes cash out of Fred's pocket and runs away.

"The Chaperone"

Duplicates of him appear at the Krusty Krab as customers where they all get briefly injured by Pearl's meltdown. Mr. Krabs later asks all the Freds if they would be interested in taking Pearl to the prom, the Freds however all runaway in fear.

"Karate Choppers"

He is seen at the Krusty Krab trying to shoo a fly away from his table. SpongeBob imagines him as Sandy and beats Fred up by crashing him right through the floor, causing him to yell "My leg!" He later appears near the end of the episode where he was the second customer recieving a Krabby Patty from SpongeBob and Sandy after Incidental 37B.

"Sleepy Time"

He appears in Plankton's dream along with Incidental 37A and Incidental 93 where the three of them first glare at Plankton right after he shrinks to his normal size. Fred then steps on Plankton, causing him to wake up from his dream.


He is seen walking into the Krusty Krab telling SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs to rev up their fryers so that they can make him a Krabby Patty. But Mr. Krabs tosses him out of the Krusty Krab so that he can continue playing SpongeBob and Patrick's board game. He is also heard yelling "My leg!" right before Mr. Krabs tosses him away.

"Walking Small"

He can be heard yelling "My leg!" when SpongeBob dusts a extremely sandy towel at all the beachgoers.


After Mr. Krabs tells him that he saw the hooks, Fred offers him a mint.

"Something Smells"

SpongeBob tells him that he hopes his ugliness won't be a distraction to him, and he replies, "Not at all, boy." However, he smells SpongeBob's bad breath and runs away.

"Bossy Boots"

He and Incidental 22 are disappointed that Mr. Krabs made the Krusty Krab the Kuddly Krab. Fred asks Squidward, who he thinks is a woman, where they can get something to eat around here.

"Patty Hype"

He and Incidental 6 go to the Shell Shack to see a talking dog. His name was revealed in this episode.

"Prehibernation Week"

He joins Sandy to search for SpongeBob where he is seen putting a poster of SpongeBob on a pole.

"Christmas Who?"

He and the other townspeople wait for Santa Claus all night, but by morning he is angry that Santa has not come and tells SpongeBob "Thanks for the lies Mr. Fairytale!"

"Squirrel Jokes"

He is seen at the Barg'N-Mart with Incidental 7 where he makes a joke on Sandy.

"Band Geeks"

On day two of band practice, he and Incidental 106 pose as two flag twirlers at the front of their parade. Squidward tells the two to twirl their flags faster causing them to propel into the sky and crash into a blimp, making it explode. He was later still seen in the band after this event.

"Jellyfish Hunter"

He is the first one to try SpongeBob's "Krabby Patty with Jellyfish Jelly," and sings a song proclaiming how he loves it. He later tells Mr. Krabs that he will come back to the Krusty Krab everyday for the rest of his life, giving Krabs the idea to put Jelly Patties on the menu.

"Squid on Strike"

He is shown to be listening to Squidward's speech where Squidward yells right in front of his face, causing his eyeballs to zoom to the back of his head.

"Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm"

He is seen in the Krusty Krab claiming the Alaskan Bull Worm ate his wheelbarrow.

"My Pretty Seahorse"

He is heard yelling "I'm so hungry!" while all the other customers complain about where their food is. He and Incidental 7 later spit out their food in disgust when they hear Mystery the Seahorse was in the Krusty Krab kitchen.

"Doing Time"

He is seen working as a janitor at Shady Shoals Rest Home.

"Snowball Effect"

He yells "Hey!" at Ms. Puff while being covered with snow after she blows the snow all over him.

"One Krabs Trash"

He bids $1,000,000 for the soda drink hat.

"As Seen on TV"

He tells SpongeBob to sign a napkin to his tail fin after he asked for a napkin.

"Squilliam Returns"

He is shown to be one of Squilliam's friends. SpongeBob puts soup up his armpit while he eats at the Krusty Krab.

"Party Pooper Pants"

His 1D variant and Incidental 115 were invited to SpongeBob's house party. When Fred remembers SpongeBob at kindergarten, he tell Incidental 115 that they are moving again. However he was still seen at SpongeBob's party later in the episode.

"Chocolate with Nuts"

He buys chocolate to help his wife grow a beard.

"The Sponge Who Could Fly"

He mocks SpongeBob for trying to fly.

"Pranks a Lot"

He is seen during the montage of frightened citizens yelling "Ghost!" while SpongeBob and Patrick pose as ghosts.

"Have You Seen This Snail?"

He is seen eating at a restaurant with Incidental 104 where he rudely lowers the shades of his window when he sees Gary the Snail staring at his burger.

"Enemy In-Law"

He and Incidental 41 attend a funeral where they pay respects to a woman who died.

"Karate Island"

He appears as a servant for Master Udon at Condo Island.

"All That Glitters"

He sells SpongeBob an extremely expensive spatula, which he gives up everything he owns, including his clothes, to buy. He is also seen in this episode saying "Monster Krabby Patty?!"

"Driven to Tears"

He faints with Incidental 6 and Incidental 37A after Patrick wins a brand new boat.

"Squid Wood"

Fred tells Squidward that he has no talent after he dances in front of the customers.

"Slimy Dancing"

He is shown to fall asleep during Squidward's performance and wakes up to realize that everyone is gone but comes back when cramps are mistaken for a dance.

"Sing a Song of Patrick"

He leads an angry mob against SpongeBob and Patrick due to Patrick's awful song.

"The Inmates of Summer"

He is one of the prisoners in Inferno Island.

"The Battle of Bikini Bottom"

He is seen reenacting the Battle of Bikini Bottom where SpongeBob removes his uniform to wear.

"Suction Cup Symphony"

He is the person who says that Squidward's the real composer which causes the audience to chant "Squidward!"

"Slide Whistle Stooges"

He appears in the hospital where Incidental 49 as a nurse does CPR on him.

"Sun Bleached"

He is seen with tanned skin at Craig Mammalton's tan party where he sarcastically tells SpongeBob "Nice job." after his pale sun bleached skin was accidently revealed at the party.

"No Nose Knows"

He is seen at a table with Incidental 41 with a plate of pastries. He claims that he won't be eating them anymore when Patrick smells them and rubs his face into them. He later appears at the Krusty Krab where he runs out of the restaurant when Patrick places scented candles at all the tables.

"Grooming Gary"

He enters his snail in the pet show.

"Choir Boys"

He is seen as part of the Bikini Bottom Men's Choir.


He is heard yelling "My leg!" when the Bikini Bottom Jail explodes.

"Professor Squidward"

He sits next to Squidward during Squilliam's performance where he tells Squidward how amazing he was, much to Squidward's annoyance. He later appears as a cameraman with Bob interviewing Squidward posing as Squilliam.

"Pet or Pests"

He works as a garbage man with Incidental 119 where they find SpongeBob covered in slime from a Spotted Glistening Meadow Worm. Fred claims that the worms are worth a fortune causing Mr. Krabs to come up with the idea to sell the baby worms to people.

"Gullible Pants"

Fred says that he going to leave the Krusty Krab as soon as he finishes his Krabby Patty after the Krusty Krab gets covered in garbage.

"The Inside Job"

After Plankton makes SpongeBob blind, he delivers him a Krabby Patty made out of two sponges, hair, mop thread, and soap.

"Model Sponge"

He makes a deposit from the bank where SpongeBob chops his money into the shape of a Krabby Patty.

"A Pal for Gary"

Fred is seen buying a nudibranch for his son, Incidental 103.

"SpongeBob's Last Stand"

He is the camera man for the local news.

"The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom"

He is one of the police officers who were ordered to run Rrarrg out of town.


He is annoyed by SpongeBob singing Musical Doodle at the Krusty Krab.

"Big Sister Sam"

He is seen playing horseshoe toss with Incidental 41. He was named Clint in this episode.

"The Googly Artiste"

He is seen purchasing Patrick's new art at the Krusty Krab.

"Face Freeze!"

He is the main character in Mr. Krabs' story of the face freeze where he constantly sticks his tongue out at various citizens. His face then froze when he sticks his tongue out for the 444th time. His tongue then dries out and falls off many months later.


Patrick pulls on Fred's face thinking that he was wearing a disguise.

"Séance Shméance"

He becomes impatient when Old Man Jenkins orders a Rusty on Rye at the Krusty Krab.

"Tutor Sauce"

He tells Squidward that the Krabby Patty he received is entirely made out of buns.

"Pull Up a Barrel"

He is seen in Mr. Krabs story as part of the Pirate queen's pirate crew.

"The Fish Bowl"

He and Incidental 23 throw Sandy off the bus due to being annoyed by her science experiment.

"Married to Money"

He is seen at Mr. Krabs' and Cashina's wedding where SpongeBob steals his, Incidental 16's, and Incidental F4's flowers from their suits to make a bouquet for Cashina to toss.

"Two Thumbs Down"

He is seen on the street where he flicks off his eye booger, causing SpongeBob to give him two thumbs up. His thumbs become damaged after this event.

"Whirly Brains"

Fred tells his son, Incidental 16, not to get a Whirly Brain.

"Mimic Madness"

He is imitated by SpongeBob during his Who Am I? song. He is called Freddy in this episode.

"Burst Your Bubble"

He is seen driving a bubble boat and scolds Mrs. Puff for crashing into him with her boatmobile.

"Trident Trouble"

He is seen yelling "FOOD! FOOD! FOOD!" and eats SpongeBob's comic.

"The Getaway"

He is seen at a fancy restaurant with Incidental 12 where he gets his clothing and accessories stolen when SpongeBob and Sticky Fins Whiting come zooming through the restaurant.

"Cave Dwelling Sponge"

He is seen at the Krusty Krab where he bites into a Krabby Patty with a motor part in it that was made by Spongy Spongy. This causes his teeth to shatter.

"Larry the Floor Manager"

He is seen at the Krusty Krab ordering a Krabby Patty until he gets put on a treadmill and slides off of it. He then yells "My leg!"

"Cuddle E. Hugs"

He was seen slithering like a worm on Cuddle E. Hugs' fur and is later eaten by him.

"Grandmum's the Word"

He appears in Lily Plankton's dream. He can be heard yelling "My leg!" when all the Bottomites attack each other for a Krabby Patty.

"My Leg!"

His first major appearance. He tries not to hurt his leg at the risk of getting it replaced by a robotic leg. SpongeBob tries to keep Fred's leg out of harm's way until he finally reveals that he likes to be in the hospital so he can be with Nurse Daisy Bazooka. SpongeBob tries to help Fred by attempting to purposely hurt his leg, but they just keep failing. When Fred finally ends up in the hospital, he sings the song "My Leg Is In Love!" to show Nurse Bazooka how much he loves her.

"Shopping List"

First appears in a boat with Plankton hiding in the tire. He then gets thrown into a trap door at the Krusty Krab by Mr. Krabs, and screams "My leg!"


After Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to break a leg on his performance, Fred holds his leg up and yells "My leg!"

"Call the Cops"

Fred's leg was seen in the evidence room at the Bikini Bottom Police Department. Fred can be heard yelling "My leg!" offscreen during this event.

"The String"

His pants are stripped from him by SpongeBob pulling the string. He first yells "My leg!" and then yells "Of my pants!"

"The Krusty Slammer"

He is strangled by an inmate at the Krusty Slammer. He has also appeared as an inmate himself in a few scenes in this episode.

"Gary's Got Legs"

Fred yells "His legs" after Gary attacks several people with his legs at the snail park.

"King Plankton"

When SpongeBob passes him and Jennifer at a table, Fred asks her about the child they were planning to have, and they agree to forget about it.

"One Trick Sponge"

SpongeBob comes to Fred's house asking him if he wants to see his magic trick. Fred asks SpongeBob if his trick has something to do with his leg and SpongeBob says it has nothing to do with his leg. Fred then tells SpongeBob that he is washing his thighs tonight and he accidentally slams the door on his leg and yells out "My leg!"

"SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout"

Plankton ties his leg up and forces him to say "My Leg." Fred later joins in with the main characters in the end of the episode singing SpongeBob's birthday song with Patchy the Pirate.

"SpongeBob's Bad Habit"

SpongeBob chews on Fred's nails, causing him to yell "My nails!"

"Squid's on a Bus"

Patrick runs over his leg on the bus while he and SpongeBob pretend to be a cat and a dog, which made him scream, "My Leg!"

"Krusty Koncessionaires"

He is seen at the Low Tides concert where he demands a Krabby Patty. SpongeBob then shoots two patties into his eyes and Fred then thanks him for the patties.

"A Place for Pets"

He decides to sneak into the Krusty Krab in a clam costume after Mr. Krabs decided to make the Krusty Krab a place for pets to eat at only.

"Squidward's Sick Daze"

He appears at the beginning of the episode during Squidward's nightmare where he suddenly appears from the ceiling and asked Squidward why his father doesn't love him.

Major roles in movies

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

His eyes caught on fire and he got a sunburn when he saw King Neptune's bald spot.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

He is heard yelling “My leg!” offscreen after Mr. Krabs tosses the stone Krabby Patty top bun aside.

Major roles in The Patrick Star Show

"Bummer Jobs"

He appears in the "Noir-Sense" short where he is confronted by two thugs who threaten to do harmful things to his leg while Fred constantly exclaims "My Leg!" to them.

Lost in Couch

He appears in a cupboard with Incidental 100 during Rube Goldfish's home tour sequence.

"Stair Wars"

He is part of GrandPat Star's army in the big stair war where he gets his breadstick sword snatched by Slappy Laszlo who then spreads butter onto it. He then spreads butter on Fred's face.

Gas Station Vacation

He appears as a mechanic at the gas station where he gets a golf ball shot into his cup of coffee.

Terror at 20,000 Leagues

A zombified Incidental 6 feasts on his brain which causes him to yell “My brain!”


  • The "My leg!" gag is the most common running gag of the series.
  • He, Scooter, Sandals, and Old Man Walker are currently the only incidentals with confirmed names.
  • Fred has four alternate models with his fourth one, Incidental 1D, currently being the only known one so far.


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