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My leg!
— Fred's catchphrase

Fred[3][4] (Incidental 1[5]/Incidental F1[6]) is a background/recurring fish best known for screaming "My leg!" in painful or violent situations. He debuted in the episode "Reef Blower," and his catchphrase is first used in "Boating School." He is featured prominently in the episode "My Leg!."


This character model's name has varied; in most appearances from seasons 1 to 10, he was nameless, except for "Patty Hype" in which Incidental 6 calls him "Fred" in a very brief throwaway line. His name was given as Clint (possibly a reference to Clint Eastwood) in "Big Sister Sam" from season 7. In season 10, the new showrunners re-adopted the name Fred after seeing it on fan-made wikis. They mistakenly believed that Fred was a fan-given name.

In February 2019, Mr. Lawrence said: "Fans started talking about [the 'my leg' gag] and named him Fred."[7] In October 2019, Vincent Waller said, "By that, he means the fans named him and we went, 'That's a good name for him. That'll work.'"[8] Tom Kenny elaborated: "Bask in the power of the internet: the fans named him Fred."[9]


Fred is usually voiced by Doug Lawrence, but in many episodes he was voiced by various voice actors:


In most episodes, he appears as a greenish-brown-colored fish with light tan fins and black eyes. He wears brown pants and a black belt with a gold belt buckle.

He occasionally appears wearing a white collared shirt in episodes such as "Squilliam Returns" and "The Sponge Who Could Fly."

His character model appears lavender in "The Sponge Who Could Fly" and blue in numerous other episodes (e.g. "Something Smells"), and lime-green in "Party Pooper Pants". He also wears round glasses in that episode.

Although the sclera of his eyes are usually white, they are yellow in "The Inmates of Summer."

He is a lighter shade of green in "Grooming Gary" and "Big Sister Sam."


His first appearance is in the episode "Reef Blower." However, he is barely seen in the episode, as he is in a boat as SpongeBob zooms past him.

He's the most often seen dining at the Krusty Krab. He was one of the first two background characters seen in "Reef Blower," with Harry being the other guy.

Fred's name is revealed in the episode "Patty Hype," where he is advertising the Shell Shack's talking and singing dog.

"Party Pooper Pants" reveals that he went to kindergarten with SpongeBob.

He is famous for the running gag in which he screams his catchphrase, "My leg!" when something such as an explosion takes place. He first says it in the episode "Boating School."

He is seen screaming this phrase out loud in "Arrgh!" when Mr. Krabs throws him out of the Krusty Krab by his legs. This is one of the more well-known "My leg!" instances.

Fred is seen in "Something Smells" as a bluefish. He is also famous for his quote, "Deuueaugh!," which has become a popular internet meme.

One of his more notable appearances was in "Jellyfish Hunter." He sang the song "Hey All You People" after trying a Jelly Patty.

In "A Pal for Gary," Fred is seen buying a nudibranch with his son, Monroe Timmy. Fred appears in "Face Freeze!" as the fish in Mr. Krabs' story of the eponymous condition. In The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, Fred's "My leg!" is heard after Mr. Krabs throws aside the top bun of the stone Krabby Patty.

In Tutor Sauce he appears blue and is seen eating a Krabby Patty but just stale buns. He then has to pay extra for "emotional patties."

He is prominently featured in the episode "My Leg!" where he tries not to hurt his leg at the risk of getting it placed by a robotic leg. SpongeBob then tries to keep Fred's leg out of harm's way until he finally reveals that he likes to be in the hospital so he can be with Nurse Bazooka (a nurse he is secretly in love with). SpongeBob tries to help Fred by doing many dangerous attempts to purposely hurt his leg, but they just keep failing. When Fred finally ended up in the hospital (after getting run over by the ambulance twice), he sings the song "My Leg is in Love " to show Nurse Bazooka how much he loves her. She enjoys the song and the two end up dating. This episode is Fred's biggest role yet.


  • His biography in Sponge Star Patrick Pants acknowledges his status as an internet meme due to his "deuueaugh" line from "Something Smells."
  • The "My leg!" gag has the most running gag appearances in any episode. It has also become a famous internet meme.
    • Even with that, the gag wasn't used in season 4 or 7.
  • There are lots of Fred's in the episode "The Chaperone."
  • SpongeBob has been the cause of Fred yelling "My leg!" more than any other character.
  • Him breaking his leg on purpose was also revealed in "My Leg!."


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