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This is the page about the store owner. For other uses, see Frank (disambiguation).

Frank is a fish who owns the store Palace of Pranks and is also a cashier at the Magic Shop. He appears in the episodes "Pranks a Lot" and "You Don't Know Sponge."


Frank is a dark olive-green fish with light olive-green arms, legs, and an underside. He wears a light blue shirt, dark brown pants, and purple slippers. He has short dark gray hair and wears an eye patch on his left eye.


According to SpongeBob, Frank is a master at pranks and makes a living helping aspiring pranksters like SpongeBob and Patrick to get started with playing gags on others.

Role in series

"Pranks a Lot"

Frank shows SpongeBob and Patrick many prank items he owns after shocking Patrick with the joy buzzer. He also shows them Exploding Chewing Gum, a fake dollar, a whoopie cushion, fake vomit, real vomit, and finally he sells them the Invisible Spray.

"You Don't Know Sponge"

Frank appears briefly as he sells something to Patrick and Larry at the Magic Shop.