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Characters in need

Bikini Bottomites

  • Ben Flenny - A reporter.
  • Beth - a student who once attended Mrs. Puff's Boating School. She graduated before the episode, "Hall Monitor" occurred. She was also only mentioned by Mrs. Puff herself and someone shouting "She graduated."*
  • Jimmy - Son of Evelyn.
  • Martha Smith - a nurse at Bikini Bottom Hospital. She gave birth to a boy in "SquidBob TentaclePants". A fused SpongeBob/Squidward was presented to her just before her newborn son. She is an aqua color and she wears a purple dress and red shoes. Her first and last name were revealed in "To Love A Patty" and "SquidBob TentaclePants," respectively. She is married to Harold Smith and they have at least one child.
  • Mattie Mollusk - one of the campers who went to Sand Fun Island summer camp in "The Inmates of Summer".**
  • Mrs. Flounder - Not seen, but in the end of "No Free Rides" it is implied that she has her own boating school that SpongeBob goes to until Mrs. Puff comes out of jail. Another possibility is that she is a substitute.*
  • Nancy O'Malley - a purple fish who works for the Bikini Bottom Police department. She arrested SpongeBob in "Party Pooper Pants". In "Nasty Patty", Nancy believes the Health inspector is a zombie and hits him over the head with a barrel. Nancy is one of the regular police officers in Bikini Bottom.
  • Nina - A squid girl who is one of Pearl's best friends.
  • Quincy - The bank teller at the Bikini Bottom National Bank
  • Norma Rechid - an orange fish who is married to Fred. She has four children and two sisters named Nazz and Patty.
  • Shelia (Squid)
  • Glove World Owner
  • Baby Smith - an unnamed child of Harold and Martha Smith. This child was cheered up on a bus by SpongeBob in a Random Act of SpongeBob short.
  • Billy Belenny - One of the campers who went to Sand Fun Island summer camp in "The Inmates of Summer".*
  • Billy Fishkins - A blue anchovy with black hair wearing a tuxedo Bikini Bottom High School student who Pearl and her gang seem to like.
  • Child Smith - an unnamed child of Harold and Martha Smith, brother of baby Smith. He is seen throwing a quarter to a wishing well in "Wishing You Well".
  • Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry - Sandy dreamed about Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry while hibernating in "Survival of the Idiots". They are probably enemies of Sandy's that live back in Texas. After SpongeBob and Patrick disturbed her sleep, she mistook her two friends for the criminals.*
  • Diver Dan - Deceased, he, along with Smitty Werben Jegar Mann Jensen and the rest of the deceased creatures in Floater Cemetery, rose up and fought Mr. Krabs.*
  • Fisher - Appears in "Karate Choppers". Says "HIIIIIIIIIIII-YAHHH!" a couple of times.
  • Gina - One of Pearl's friends, as mentioned in "Selling Out".*
  • Lois Flatfish - one of the campers who went to Sun Fun Island summer camp in "The Inmates of Summer".*
  • Mario - Works at Pizza Castle. Mentioned in the episode "The Bully". He was mentioned again in Suction Cup Symphony.*
  • Percy - Percy is a football player who gets his butt smacked in the episode "I Had An Accident".
  • Percy Perch - one of the campers who went to Sand Fun Island summer camp in "The Inmates of Summer".*
  • Richard A. Bottomfeeder - an attorney who worked on Mr. Krabs' case until he slipped at the Krusty Krab. As seen in "Krabs vs. Plankton".
  • Tom Tarpon - one of the campers who went to Sand Fun Island summer camp in "The Inmates of Summer".*

Students of Mrs. Puff's Boating School

Bikini Bottom High School

  • Marcia*
  • Angela - a student at Bikini Bottom High School; she likes Brad.*
  • Brad - a young and in the eyes of the teen fish) smoking hot and totally likable.


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