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The Forest Ranger is a character who appears in the episode "Club SpongeBob."


He is a dark orange fish who has mustard yellow fins and dark purple lips. He wears a tan ranger outfit with a hat, a black belt, a red tie, and a shear for cutting through the vines. He has black eyes and brown boots.

Role in episode

He arrives near the end of the episode to save SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward, after being stranded for weeks deep in the Kelp Forest. Squidward runs to him, happy that he's finally saved and explains to the ranger that he's been stuck in the forest for weeks with SpongeBob, Patrick, and their Magic Conch shell. However, when Squidward mentions the Magic Conch shell, the ranger brings out his own, revealing that he too worships the conch, to Squidward's shock and SpongeBob and Patrick's joy. The ranger asks the Magic Conch shell what are they going to do and the shell tells them to do nothing. He, SpongeBob, and Patrick comply and a few moments later, the still shocked Squidward goes to them and complies as well.
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