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Nifty electrical touch attack. Not tall enough to ride most roller coasters, but more vicious than a pack of rabid clams.
      —Police Station

Fodder is a robot that appears as an enemy in the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom and its remake Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated.


Fodder is a small robot with a cube-shaped head, a hexagonal green eye, and a black wheel for mobility. It wields a black stick topped with a red electrical orb in its left hand.

In the remake, Fodder now has a pair of teeth, a round eye with a glowing red light with eyelids, it now has an antenna topped with a red glowing light. Its lights will turn green whenever it is not attacking.


  • Electrical touch attack

Role in game

Fodders are the most common type of robot encountered in the game, appearing in almost every level. Once they have spotted their target, Fodders will take out their electrical sticks and attempt to attack their target with them.

Fodders by themselves do not pose much of a threat as they can be easily taken down with a simple attack, but they are usually found in large numbers or alongside other more dangerous robots. Fodders drop 5 Shiny Objects when destroyed.