The Flying Fish is a flying superhero and a member of the Aquatic Adventurers. He first appears in the comic Lo, There Shall Be A Catered Affair!


The Flying Fish when he was younger.

The Flying Fish is a green fish with pink lips who, when he was younger, wore a blue spandex suit with yellow underwear on the outside, an orange belt with a yellow buckle, yellow boots and gloves, and a yellow cape with an orange "F" on the back. He also has black combed hair and is usually seen smiling, displaying his set of clean teeth.

When he got older, he became bald on the top of his head, and there are a few liver spots in place of the hair. The remaining hair on the side of his head became gray with age. He is fatter, causing him to remove his belt for comfort, and most of his teeth have fallen out.

Powers and abilities

The only known superpower that the Flying Fish has is that he is able to fly.

Role in comic book

In the comic Lo, There Shall Be A Catered Affair!, he and the rest of the Aquatic Adventurers meet together at the Krusty Krab for their 75th reunion. Mr. Krabs pulls the Flying Fish into his office to sign his copy of Aquatic Adventurers No. 1, which causes SpongeBob and the rest of the Aquatic Adventurers notice his absence.

SpongeBob compares the situation to the story in the team's comic book, where they are attacked by the Invisible Isopod. The team is sceptical at first, but the Flying Fish and the rest of the team start believing SpongeBob when Barnacle Boy goes in Mr. Krabs' office.

When the team notice Lighthouse Lass' disappearance, they start to panic, but SpongeBob reminds them that they have powers. During his speech, he reminds the Flying Fish about his flying powers. When SpongeBob is scared by a mailman after the Green Harpoon vanishes, he states that the team should hide somewhere that they cannot be surprised, so the team hide in the bathroom.

When Mr. Krabs opens the bathroom door while looking for everybody, SpongeBob orders the Aquatic Adventurers to attack, with the Flying Fish ramming into Mr. Krabs. He and the rest of the team realize their mistake, and bemoan how the Invisible Isopod wasn't attacking, as it thrilled them. He then watches in shock as Barnacle Boy is given a wedgie by the Invisible Isopod.

The Flying Fish then appears in a bonus gallery poster later in the same comic book, alongside nearly every other Mermaid Man hero to exist.


  • He is a parody of Superman, a superhero from the DC Comics universe.
  • His name is a reference to flying fish, a family of fish who glide using their wing-like fins.
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