Would anyone else like to enter the "Fly of Despair"?
— Flying Dutchman, "Shanghaied"

The Fly of Despair is a dimensional rift seen in the episode "Shanghaied." The Flying Dutchman can summon it via a zipper.



Known creatures in the Fly of Despair

  • Lavender blue-gilled creature with horns
  • Giant green snake in a skull
  • Pink-headed monster with a brain vessel on its head
  • One-eyed purple clam
  • Blue eyeball creature
  • Gray-headed monster with green mermaid body and bat wings
  • Red and blue lines with yellow balls
  • Red zombie with blue hair and yellow glowing eyes
  • Giant purple eyeball
  • Blue creature with a yellow eye, but without a pupil
  • Spaghetti and meatballs

Role in episode

The Flying Dutchman sends Squidward through the Fly of Despair to suffer a long and horrifying fall as punishment for his constant complaining and annoyance. Squidward fell through the rift, screaming in horror as he disappeared from sight. This display also scared SpongeBob and Patrick into complying with the Dutchman as they didn't want to go through the same fate as Squidward.

Near the end, Squidward finally exits the Fly of Despair and crashes through his roof into his bedroom. However, before Squidward can enjoy his time back home, he gets teleported back to the Flying Dutchman's ship after SpongeBob and Patrick wish him back.
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