The flute is a musical instrument. It appears in the episodes "Band Geeks" and "Suction Cup Symphony."


The flute belongs to the woodwind family and is composed of many different types of flutes. They are put into the category of edge-blown aerophones and do not need reeds to play as they produce sound from an opening from the head joint. The most common are concert flutes (pitched in C) and piccolos (smaller, higher-pitched flutes, also pitched in C but also found in D♭). They are played sideways and in a straight angle.

Role in series

"Band Geeks"

The flute appears when Squidward calls the woodwinds to play. Nancy Suzy Fish plays the flute next to Mrs. Puff and another fish, who are playing two other woodwind instruments.

"Suction Cup Symphony"

When Squidward conducts the symphony, Donna and Lisa play the flute.



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