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Floyd is a hillbilly fish who work at a gas station, along with Lloyd. He is featured in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and its many adaptations. He later appears alone in SpongeBob Comics No. 41.


Floyd wears stereotypical "hillbilly" clothing and wears cap hats. He is very tall, thin and orange, and wears a shirt with a plaid pattern.

On the cover of the book Shell City, Here We Come!, his color schemes are different. He is green with a blue and white hat. His shirt is light orange.


He, along with Lloyd, is very rude and annoying, but in the PC game he is neutral. He also seems to be very goofy and laughs at nearly everything.

Role in series

When laughing at SpongeBob and Patrick, he and Lloyd mock them. They laugh all the way until SpongeBob and Patrick start to laugh back at them. However, later they are seen again, laughing at Dennis. Dennis does not like this and rips off their mouths. That forces them to stop laughing and mocking.

In the movie, they are quite mean and keep mocking the Patty Wagon, asking whether it should either be filled up with mustard or ketchup and saying to SpongeBob and Patrick "You won't last ten seconds over the county line!" Later on, they see Dennis and they ask him "Does that hat take ten gallons?" Their fate is getting their lips torn off by Dennis. It is unknown if they can get them back or talk ever again.

Video game

In the PC version, the player sees them at the County Line saying they went to Goofy Goober's Ice Cream Party Boat the preceding night and got the sheet music for the Goofy Goober theme song to play on their harmonica. Lloyd gets upset because he said that Goofy Goober was his best friend.

In the console versions, he and Lloyd stand laughing at the player from beyond the county line, laughing and boasting. When the player destroys Plankton's last radio tower, the rubble crushes the gas attendants.

SpongeBob Comics No. 41

SpongeBob and Squidward visit the gas station on their tour. Floyd helps them and works at the cash register when they enter the station.


  • He is never named in the film, but his name is revealed in the credits.
  • He and Lloyd are a reference to characters from The Simpsons episode "E-I-E-I-D'oh." In that episode, there are two hillbillies named Feed and Seed (usually referred to as the collective "Sneed"), which Floyd and Lloyd garnered their namesake from. Both sets of characters tease the protagonists about being "city slickers," and insist that they wouldn't last in the countryside.