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The floating tikis are items that appear SpongeBob SquarePants video game Battle for Bikini Bottom.


The floating tiki has a rather rhombus shape to it, according to its top, with a possibly metal dome at the bottom. Their top is a violet-red sideways rhombus. It has seven white dots formed in a circle around its eyes. It has baby-blue pupils, white eyes and black paint surrounding the eyes. The boards with the eyes are angled to the outside. This angle is where the gray, bulky nose is located. Directly underneath the nose is the mouth. Its lips are a sky blue color with a slightly curved, white rectangle in the center of the bottom lip. The size of the jaws is emphasized greatly. It is painted black on the "inside" of its frowning mouth. The eyes and nose area is surrounded by a light blue, almost heart-shaped line, made up of tiny planks. Smaller, light blue planks are placed on its side edges. Its dome is a silver color. It has no ears. Everything else is the color of the nose. Everything except for the dome is wooden.


Unlike other tikis in the game, these tikis float. They can float in place or move around in basic circular motions, sometimes in a large range. They cannot, however, float "freely." They must remain on a set pattern. They can also float at different heights.


SpongeBob's bubble bash move, Sandy's lasso, Patrick's ability to throw items, and SpongeBob's bungee-jumping ability come in handy when trying to break a floating tiki. Be cautious when using a bubble bash or bungee-jumping to break one, because other tikis, such as the explosive thunder tiki, can be resting on top of one. A tiki resting on one will not affect how high or low it will float.

Appearances in levels

The floating tiki first appears in Bikini Bottom, inside SpongeBob's attic. It is introduced with the wood tiki. Since then it has appeared in every level excluding boss fights.

Here is a complete list of its appearances in levels:


  • Its nose and dome can be seen moving at certain times.
  • A floating tiki and a Shhh Tiki can be found hidden behind the third ski lodge in Sand Mountain.
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