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Flipper is an anthropomorphic Krabby Patty who makes his first appearance on the music video clip We Makin' Krabby Patties.


Flipper has the head of a Krabby Patty's bun which has his eyes and his mouth and the ingredients as his body. His hands and legs are black and his palm is white.


When Flipper first went to work on Nickelodeon, he was anxious, because of the possibilities for the staff making fun of him, as he was a Krabby Patty. The people there were getting used to working with him and both had lots of fun, even if he had some problems for example, with using the photocopier. He also started going on an exercise class.

The Krabby Patty Chronicles

Flipper befriends a human boy named Jagger, and another, female Krabby Patty, called Felicia.



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