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The Flinger is an enemy in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game.


Flingers are generally flying characters. They hover in the air and are immune to SpongeBob and Patrick's spin attacks. They also spit goo, which makes SpongeBob or Patrick slide around if it hits them.

"Three... Thousand Miles to Shell City"

They are hillbillies under the control of Plankton. They are beige fish with brown spots, aquamarine fins, and pink lips. They hover via a white and red life preserver. They wear light blue pants with two pockets. On their head, they wear a Chum Bucket bucket helmet. The goo they spit is yellow.

"Now That We're Men..."

They are trench monsters who are light pink and have eight arms with light pink spots on them. They have bulbous heads with purple spots on them and have sharp teeth. They hover via a UFO-shaped growth on their waist, and their behinds are speckled with purple dots. The goo they spit is light blue.

"Shell City, Dead Ahead" and "Turn the Tables on Plankton"

They are fish under the control of Plankton. They are red with a yellow fin on their back, green fins for their arms and legs, and a stripe on the back of their heads. They wear light blue shirts, dark blue jeans, and a belt with an oval-shaped buckle. On their heads, they wear a Chum Bucket bucket helmet. They hover via a red life preserver with gray spots. The goo they spit is dark blue.


  • Hovering
  • Goo spit

Role in game

Flingers are the fourth enemy type introduced in the game, and are first encountered in the level "Three... Thousands Miles to Shell City." They hover in the air, and their levitation device makes them immune to SpongeBob and Patrick's spin attacks. They also spit a blob of goo at them, leaving a puddle if it lands on the ground. The goo damages SpongeBob or Patrick, and also makes them slide around for a couple of seconds.

They can only be defeated by hitting them from below with SpongeBob's bash or by hitting them with ranged weapons like thrown stuff from Patrick's throw move. They can also have their goo spun back at them, if SpongeBob or Patrick's spin attacks are upgraded.

They are defeated after two hits, and the hillbilly Flingers give the player 80 manliness points when defeated, the trench Flingers give the player 45 manliness points, and the junkyard Flingers give 50 manliness points.


  • They are most likely based on the Monsoon from Battle for Bikini Bottom, as they both hover above the ground.
    • Their attacks are similar to Slick, as their spit attacks can cause the player to slip around for a brief period of time.
  • Junkyard Flingers assist King Neptune in his boss battle in the level "Turn the Tables on Plankton."
  • The Flingers in "Now That We're Men..." have a unique line of dialog that only triggers if you hit a Flinger into another sleeping Flinger. This can be done by using the Sonic Wave Guitar. Once the Flinger gets hit it will say "Get it off! Get it off!".