Flibberty Gibbet is a dolphin who is an old friend of Karen, Sandy, and Mrs. Puff. She is voiced by Sirena Irwin and appears in the episode "A Cabin in the Kelp."


She is a gray bottlenose dolphin with a light purple dorsal fin and a light purple tail. She has a small beak and one eye on each side of her head. She wears a pink coat with pockets, a dark purple collar, and light pink ruffles. She carries a white bag over her shoulder.


Despite the stories that Karen, Sandy, and Mrs. Puff tell about her, Flibberty has a happy and good-natured personality.

Role in episode

A Cabin in the Kelp 137

Flibberty's pendant

She was an old friend of theirs and part of the Gal Pals until they had a fight in the Kelp Forest. After the fight, Flibberty stayed in the forest for years, never returning to Bikini Bottom.

In the episode, Karen, Sandy, and Mrs. Puff try to scare Pearl by telling her the story of Flibberty. They even give Pearl a pendant that used to belong to Flibberty. An old, witch-like saleslady appears in the woods, and the Gal Pals think that she is Flibberty after years of life in the woods. They later find out that it is just a cabin-to-cabin salesperson.

At the end of the episode, Flibberty returns for real, and all of the Gal Pals are terrified of her. She says that she forgives them, but they run off into the woods before they can hear her.

As a running gag, Pearl mispronounces Flibberty's name every time she says it.


  • She is the fourth dolphin to appear, after the live-action dolphins, the dolphin warrior, and Bubbles.
  • Her name is a play on "flipper" and "liberty."
  • The credits spell her name as Flibberty Gibbet, but her pendant reads Flipperty Gibbett.
  • She is named after the term "flibbertigibbet," which means a person who is flighty or whimsical in nature, or one who is gossipy and overly talkative.


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