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Now he's gonna kick my butt!
— Flats' dad, "The Bully"

Flats' dad is a character who appears in the episodes "The Bully" and "Mind the Gap." He is the father of Flats the Flounder.


He is a light green flounder who wears a light blue dress shirt, a dark blue tie, and dark tan pants. He has a dark orange mustache and wears a hat that is colored dark tan with a blue stripe. He has two yellow lopsided eyes, and he has lines on his fins.

Role in series

"The Bully"

When SpongeBob runs away from Mrs. Puff's Boating School in fear of Flats kicking his butt, he runs into Flats' dad and tries to get him to help save him. Flats suddenly appears and questions why his dad is talking to a stranger, causing his dad to complain that Flats will kick his butt as well.

"Mind the Gap"

He is one of the many patrons at the Blow Your Top Lounge, where he snaps his fingers at the bongo player's performance.
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