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Fizz Bomb Cola is a brand of soda that first appears in "Snooze You Lose."


It comes in many different colors, including lime green, red, orange, blue, purple, and brown. There is a blue label in the middle with the word "fiz" or "fizz" transcribed in purplish-red letters and illustrations of bubbles, as well as a blue cap on top. Although the bottle reads "Fiz," SpongeBob reveals its name to be "Fizz Bomb Cola."

It is shown to make its consumers burp very loudly.

It is also sold in cans.

Role in series

"Snooze You Lose"

When staying for a sleepover at SpongeBob's house, Patrick watches SpongeBob increase in width and loudly burp upon consumption of Fizz Bomb Cola, which interrupts Squidward's sleep. Patrick then consumes the cola himself and loudly burps through his eyes while SpongeBob is trying to get rid of the noise by putting headphones on.

"Goons on the Moon"

SpongeBob and the others attempt to use it to push the moon back into its original position, but fail. Later on, they use it as rocket fuel.

"Appointment TV"

It appears when SpongeBob's freezer shatters and the soda goes flying everywhere. Previously, it was shown frozen in giant ice cubes in SpongeBob's living room as one of the drinks he was going to save to watch the lost episode of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.

"Hiccup Plague"

Timmy and Tina use it to make the hiccup bubble. It appears in a can.

"The Big Bad Bubble Bass"

Bubble Bass drinks a bottle of this along with a bottle of hot sauce to burn Patrick Star's house down.