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"Five Times the Fun" is a Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years episode from season 2. In this episode, when Patrick's detached limbs regrow into five Patrick clones, it's up to the gang to stop them before they take over the camp.



SpongeBob, Sandy, Squidward, and Patrick take a river rafting ride. Patrick, who had put his inner tube over his eyes and cannot see, gets lost and stuck in the river, being sent through various sharp rocks. SpongeBob saves Patrick, but finds only his head, with his other body parts ending up at the river bank. Patrick's head grows a tiny, baby-like body, and his friends take him through camp as he grows. After being toilet-trained, Patrick finally returns to normal size. However, his body parts have also regenerated full bodies, and come back to camp.

With five Patricks in SpongeBob's cabin, Sandy does some math and finds that the Patricks will keep injuring themselves, splitting apart, and regrowing, creating even more of them. The Patricks escape and attack the camp, eating everything. The only solution is to feed them all enough, and Sandy enacts a plan. She summons the Patricks with a giant pile of Krabby Patties behind the canteen, which turns out to be a painting by Squidward. They all fall into a trash compactor intended to squish all the Patricks back to normal. However, it explodes and a bunch of tiny Patricks fall down like snow, to Squidward's horror and Sandy's annoyance.


This episode was confirmed on January 13, 2023.[6]


 ) Production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Blue Dawn - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [Title card.]
  Battle Of The Axes - Andrew MacDonald, Bryan New [Sandy river rafting.]
  Flip Flap - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [Sandy rowing.]
  Battle Of The Axes - Andrew MacDonald, Bryan New [SpongeBob and Squidward river rafting.]
  Sugarcane - Remastered - Tommy Reilly ["Those were the wildest white water rapids I've ever rafted!"]
  Planet Surface - Gregor F. Narholz ["Never again, never again."]
  Sugarcane - Remastered - Tommy Reilly ["That was a hoot!"]
  Vibe Q Sting - Nicolas Carr [SpongeBob, Sandy, and Squidward notice Patrick's missing.]
  Seaweed 1 - Steve Belfer ["Hey guys, where are you?"]
  Seaweed 2 - Steve Belfer [Patrick getting hit by rocks.]
  Horror-Scope - Remastered - Ronald Hanmer [Patrick heading towards Guillotine Falls.]
  Dramatic Impact (5) - Ivor Slaney [Patrick decapitated.]
  Wooden Bear - Gil Flat, Tony Tape, Florian Voelxen [Patrick grows a tiny body.]
  Blanket Of Fog - Stuart Crombie [Shot of Guillotine Falls.]
  Grieg - In The Hall Of The Mountain King - Full Mix - Edvard Hagerup Grieg, Cornelius Oberhauser [Patrick's limbs gaining sentience.]
  Good Morning - Pete Dunn, Chris Mccormick [Patrick in a baby stroller.]
  Surf Rock A - Mac Prindy [Montage of Patrick doing camp activities.]
  Grieg - In The Hall Of The Mountain King - Full Mix - Edvard Hagerup Grieg, Cornelius Oberhauser [Patrick clones running through the woods.]
  Good Morning - Pete Dunn, Chris Mccormick ["Y'know Patrick, it's time you stop wearing diapers."]
  Dramatic Impact (5) - Ivor Slaney [Pile of dirty hankerchiefs.]
  Gator - Steve Belfer ["I'm actually quite happy with the current arrangement."]
  Hgliss & Bell - Nicolas Carr ["Actually, this isn't so bad."]
  Shock (F) - Dave Hewson [Patrick falls into the toilet.]
  Dramatic Cue (A) - Ronald Hanmer [Outhouse shoots up into the air.]
  Seaweed 1 - Steve Belfer [Patrick's back to his normal size.]
  Fancytale - Gregor F. Narholz [Patrick gets his big boy pants.]
  Grieg - In The Hall Of The Mountain King - Full Mix - Edvard Hagerup Grieg, Cornelius Oberhauser [Patrick clones enter the camp.]
  Wooden Bear - Gil Flat, Tony Tape, Florian Voelxen [Patricks destroying stuff in the Dingy cabin.]
  King of the Giants C - John Fox, Otto Sieben ["Holy jalapeños!"]
  Death Of The Beast - Ronald Hanmer ["All I have to do is distract five rampaging Patricks."]
  Drama Link (B) - Hubert Clifford [SpongeBob points at the door.]
  Scared Stiff - Remastered - Ronald Hanmer [Patricks running out of the cabin.]
  Drama Link (B) - Hubert Clifford ["The Patricks are loose!"]
  Surf Symptom [#37] - Eric Spencer [Patricks wreaking havoc.]
  Squid Clarinet 7 - Brad Carow [Squidward playing clarinet.]
  Shark Attack B - John Fiddy [Patricks chasing campers.]
  Bikini Bottom News Theme - Nicolas Carr ["A pack of perilous Patricks is presently pillaging the camp!"]
  The Creature (c) - Gregor F. Narholz [Patrick clone eats Perch's microphone.]
  Be Alert - Remastered - Tommy Reilly ["We ain't got enough food for five Patricks!"]
  Declamatory Chords - Alan Braden [Watch tower collapses.]
  Taps - Thomas Farnon [Patricks eating a wooden pole.]
  Secret Agent - David Lindup ["I also calculated a little ol' backup plan."]
  Blanket Of Fog - Stuart Crombie [Patrick clone chewing a cabin.]
  Vibe Q Sting - Nicolas Carr [Patrick clones peek out of the cabin.]
  Secret Agent - David Lindup [Sandy lures the Patricks behind the canteen.]
  Fancytale - Gregor F. Narholz [Patricks leap towards the pile of patties.]
  Sugarcane - Remastered - Tommy Reilly [Patricks get compacted.]
  Hollywood Christmas [#69] - Gregor F. Narholz [Tiny Patricks raining down.]
  Monster Bug [#35] - Gregor Narholz [Squidward screams.]
  Good Morning - Pete Dunn, Chris Mccormick [Tiny Patricks in Squidward's eyes.]
  Flip Flap - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [Ending.]



  • In Germany, this episode was originally going to premiere on January 26, 2024 at 5:00pm.
    • It was replaced with a rerun of "Pineapple Invasion."[7]
      • After that, it was pushed back to premiere on February 3, 2024 at 4:50pm, but it was pulled again.[8]
        • It was replaced with a rerun of "Regi-Hilled."[9]
          • It was pushed back once again to premiere on February 13, 2024 at 4:50pm, but it was pulled for a third time.[10]



Kamp Koral Staffel 2 Promo - Ab 22. Januar 2024 (Nick Deutschland)

Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
German Spaß hoch Fünf Fun Times Five


Sleepy Time 057
"I can turn into a skyscraper!"
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