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Fisherman 4: Attack of the Hook, known as Fisherman 4 for short, is a horror movie, which appears in the episode "Don't Look Now."

Role in episode

It is a horror movie which plays inside of the movie theater, that scares both SpongeBob and Patrick and makes them think that the Fisherman is after them. It was released in the Reef Cinema and it is rated S for scary.


It is midnight, and the Fisherman starts taking over Bikini Bottom, while a lightning screen appears. There are two kid fish who are playing in a playground, when a hook arrives and aims the hook toward one of the kids on the see-saw. Later, two other fish (named Edwina and Jennifer), who are having a date, are talking about how they will never leave each other, when the hook suddenly comes and grabs Edwina's shirt, taking him to the up and above as he is saying "Goodbye, Margaret!" Another scene is shown where two kid fish are eating chocolate ice cream and the hook grabs one of the fish's ice cream, and the fish cries on the floor while the other is surprised.


  • [The screen says, "The following preview has been approved for all audiences - S: Rated S for Scary." After it says, "Fisherman 4: Attack of the Hook." The title is shown as "Fisherman 4" in bloody text, "Attack of the Hook." In the middle, it shows a hook. Lightning flashes. The movie scene changes to kids playing in the playground. Monroe Timmy is on the see-saw laughing. The shadow of the Fisherman is seen above the water and his hook comes down. The hook goes into Monroe Timmy's mouth and pulls him up. He screams. The movie scene changes to two fish sitting together on a bench]
  • Edwina: Thank you for meeting me, Edwina, at midnight. [he and Jennifer kiss each other] I love you, Susan.
  • Jennifer: [angrily] It's Jennifer.
  • Edwina: I'll never leave you, Jennifer. [A hook comes down, and hooks Edwina's shirt. He is seen going up as Jennifer watches, surprised] Goodbye, Margaret! [He is taken up above and not in water anymore]
  • [Then, there are two kid fish who are eating ice cream]
  • Kid Fish #1: I love eating ice cream. [The Fisherman's hook is lowered and takes the fish's ice cream] Hey! My ice cream! [Falls to the ground and cries while Kid Fish #2 watches] No! It was Rocky Road!
  • [The end of the movie includes a white screen, with "The End" written in red letters]


SpongeBob SquarePants - The Fisherman Nickelodeon

SpongeBob SquarePants - The Fisherman Nickelodeon


  • It may have been inspired by the episode "Hooky."
  • The movie is rated S for Scary. This is a parody of real-life MPAA ratings (R and NC-17).
  • The film's title is "Fisherman 4: Attack of the Hook," so it is likely that there were three other films before this one.
  • Despite being mentioned as a regular horror movie in-universe, it is more of a comedy horror as every scene is portrayed as comedic even with the appearance of the fisherman (for example Edwina not being able to remember Jennifer's name and the kid fish overreacting to the loss of his ice cream).
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