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The fish woman is a background character who first appears in the episode "Valentine's Day."


She is a light brown fish with even lighter fins and a similarly lighter front. She wears a pink skirt with a pink blouse, which has very pronounced, round shoulders.

Role in series

"Valentine's Day"

She is a visitor of the Valentine's Day Carnival. She and her husband are on the far left side of the carnival crowd.

"Walking Small"

She appears as one of the fish trying to get a hot dog from the octopus vendor at Goo Lagoon's Snack Bar. She walks away disappointed after SpongeBob asserts himself to all the hot dogs and does not return when the dogs are returned by him.

She can later be seen looking at the fish playing volleyball with SpongeBob at the end of the episode.

"Neptune's Spatula"

She is seen at the Fry Cook Museum and runs away when King Neptune gets mad.

"Dirty Bubble Returns"

She and her family watch as the Dirty Bubble cleans the exterior of their dirty house. They all cheer until it gets destroyed by the Dirty Bubble, making them sad.

"Krusty Koncessionaires"

She is seen watching the band.


  • Between "Neptune's Spatula" and "Dirty Bubble Returns," it took 20 years for her to return.
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