The fish wife[3] is a character who appears in various episodes, starting with "Whale of a Birthday." She has appeared as one of Pearl's classmates and as the wife of a purple anchovy.


She is usually light purple with blonde hair and pink lips. She wears a pink nightgown and a headband.

In "Whale of a Birthday," she is orange with blue hair and a purple dress.

In "Barnacle Face," she is light pink with a turquoise dress.

In "High Sea Diving," she is ruby red with a bridal dress and a white headband.

Role in series

"Whale of a Birthday"

She appears as one of Pearl's friends at the Bikini Bottom High School who make fun of her cheap birthday parties.

"The Slumber Party"

She appears as an actress in the movie Slumber Party Zombie Attack.

"Barnacle Face"

She appears as one of Pearl's classmates at Bikini Bottom High School who join the other fish in making fun of her newly developed face barnacle.

"High Sea Diving"

She appears in a bridal dress getting married to a purple anchovy. The anchovy explains to her that he could not afford to buy them a house before one drops out of the sky and lands in front of them. She exclaims that the house is so large that her mother-in-law, who is a large whale, can move in with them.

"King Plankton"

When SpongeBob passes by the fish wife, Fred asks her about the child they were planning to have, and they agree to forget about it.

"Karen's Baby"

She can be seen playing at an arcade cabinet when Karen enters the arcade with Chip Plankton II.


She is one of the many customers at the Krusty Krab who join the dance party in the employee break room, and is reluctant to leave when Mr. Krabs stops the party.

"My Two Krabses"

She first appears at the Krusty Krab, walking with a baby stroller which Mr. Krabs uses to hide himself. She then appears alongside Pearl's other friends at Pearl's cheerleader slumber party.


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