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The fish wife is an unnamed fancy background character who first appears in the episode "Culture Shock."


She is a greenish yellow female fish, with lime green fins, and red lipstick. Although she resembles an anchovy, she isn't one. She wears a long ruby colored dress without sleeves.

Role in series

"Culture Shock"

She is one of the many fancy people in the crowd who watch the performances of the main characters at the Krusty Krab. She is also one of the people sent up onto the air by Pearl's performance.

"Le Big Switch"

She is one of the many people holding SpongeBob's leg to avoid him from leaving Fancy!, but SpongeBob drags everyone into the Krusty Krab, and they eat eat on the floor because Mr. Krabs could not afford to buy more furniture.

"Grooming Gary"

She is one of the contestants in the Bikini Bottom Pet Show, where she brings her snail, who is purple with an orange shell.

"Porous Pockets"

She is at SpongeBob's house when he becomes rich and turns it into a mansion and he invites a lot of people.

"Chum Fricassee"

She has dinner and marries Fred at the Chum Bucket after its success with the recipe Chum Fricassee and then Fred, her and Squidward, who has a plate with the famous recipe in it, do a selfie with a camera.

"Married to Money"

She is seen attending Mr. Krabs and Cashina's wedding.
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