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Fish sticks! Get your fish sticks here!
Incidental 39 selling fish sticks after an audience-frying incident, "The Fry Cook Games"

Fish sticks are a food item that appear in the episodes "The Fry Cook Games," "The Night Patty," the comic No More Mr. Ice Guy in SpongeBob Comics No. 47, and the online game Hero's Choice.

Role in series

"The Fry Cook Games"

During the Deep-Fry Pole Vault event at the 21st annual Fry Cook Games, Patrick accidentally lands face-first onto the handle of the giant fryer basket, which flips it and throws boiling oil onto some of the fish spectators in the audience, subsequently cooking them into giant live-action fish sticks. Incidental 39 immediately seizes the opportunity to sell these fish sticks as actual food and shouts to buy them to grab attention to this newly established commodity.

SpongeBob Comics No. 47

SpongeBob finds a frozen prehistoric fish stick at the Krusty Krab. When the prehistoric fish stick becomes unfrozen over night, it wreaks havoc in Bikini Bottom. It also appears on the cover.

Hero's Choice

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"The Night Patty"

SpongeBob captures The Fisherman when he sees him robbing the Krusty Krab. He brings him into the kitchen and throws him into the deep fryer, turning him into a fish stick. When he brings out the apprehended criminal, the customers are discouraged because him robbing the place is supposed to be a night shift tradition. SpongeBob realizes and peels off the fish stick coating from The Fisherman.