Not so fast! I'll give you $1,000 for such a hat!
— Female collector, "One Krabs Trash"
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The female collector is a character who appears in the episode "One Krabs Trash."


She looks like a typical businesswoman who has purple hair and wears glasses.


She has an interest in buying rare items.

Role in episode

She first appears to ask Mr. Krabs for the soda drinking hat after he had given it to SpongeBob. After Incidental 4 offers $500 for the hat, she nudges him to offer $1,000 for said hat. She is outbid by Peterson Nat Tucker, who offers $100,000, and then Fred, who offers a million dollars, causing Mr. Krabs to run away, screaming for SpongeBob.

She later appears when Mr. Krabs says he found the hat, only for the hat to be worthless, and she laughs at him along with the other bidders. SpongeBob arrives wearing a hand-clapping hat, and she and the other bidders run to him and offer money.
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