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Fearless is a SpongeBob SquarePants storybook written by Tracey West and illustrated by Heather Martinez, originally published as part of the Nick Zone series of chapter books in October 2003. It was reprinted by Kindle on April 1, 2011.



High-speed boat races? Jellyfish stings? What is it that strikes fear in the heart of America's favorite sponge?


SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally mistook a game show called Fearless for Glove World! SpongeBob wins all of the contests such as eating yucky food (mistaking it for Glove World!'s diner), staying in a tub filled with jellyfish, and a game sort of like Bumper Cars, but he forgets that he has to work at the Krusty Krab. When Mr. Krabs finds out about this (from watching it on his TV), he walks to the Fearless Area and yells at SpongeBob (as seen on the cover) while he is doing the final challenge, jumping off of a cliff. SpongeBob jumps off and wins the grand prize of one-million clams.



  • On the 2011 cover, the Nick Zone logo is removed and replaced with the show's logo and the Scholastic logo is completely removed. This also happens with all the other Nick Zone books.

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