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Fang In There! is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.

The game was released on October 31, 2011.[1]


Patrick is dressed as a vampire and he wants SpongeBob's Halloween candy. SpongeBob must try to outrun vampire Patrick so he doesn't get hold of his candy. Vampire Patrick is running behind SpongeBob and the characters are running automatically. The characters are moving across platforms on the top and bottom of the gameplay screen. Platforms are not always at the same height.

The player must click left on the mouse or press the spacebar to make SpongeBob jump up or down onto certain platforms. Vampire Patrick will copy any jumps that the player does with SpongeBob. Depending on the jump, SpongeBob may sometimes get stuck against the side of a certain platform. If this happens, the player can use jump move again to continue running. If the player stays stuck against a platform, vampire Patrick will catch with SpongeBob and he will eat some of SpongeBob's Halloween candy which causes the player to lose 1 of the remaining lives. The player has a total of 3 lives.

Look out for open gaps that appear in-between certain platforms at the top and bottom of the screen. If the player lets SpongeBob fall through the gap, the player will lose a life. There are also ghosts that, if touched, will give the player more trouble. The trouble that the ghosts give the player is adding one extra jump, making cob webs appear on the gameplay screen which makes it harder to see, and creating a speed boost that makes the game go temporarily faster. The player needs to avoid touching the ghosts if he or she does not want any extra trouble.

The game ends when the player loses all 3 lives.






SpongeBob SquarePants - Fang In There!


  • The main characters run in only one direction.
  • When vampire Patrick gets hold of SpongeBob's Halloween candy, he will laugh. The laughter is reused from "The Secret Box."
    • SpongeBob's scream was reused from that episode as well.
  • The ghosts in this game resemble the Lord Poltergeist's ghoul crew from "Ghoul Fools."
  • The size of the platforms in this game keep on constantly changing.

Cultural references

  • The game's name is a reference to the phrase "hang in there."