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The exploding pie is a food-like explosive that appears in the episode "Dying for Pie." It is also seen in the arcade game Nicktoons Nitro, the Plug n Play video game Bikini Bottom 500, and the video game Plankton's Robotic Revenge.


It looks just like a regular berry pie, with a golden-brown crust and red filling inside. However, it is actually a very powerful explosive that detonates when dropped or thrown. It will also explode a few hours after being eaten, killing whoever eats it.

Role in episode

"Dying for Pie "

It is Employee Brotherhood Day at the Krusty Krab, so Squidward buys a pie from a group of pirates for SpongeBob. However, the pirates inform him that they are actually bombs. Squidward is left disappointed, saying that he was planning on buying a pie for someone. Wanting a quick buck, the pirates lie by telling him that they were joking about them being bombs, enticing him to buy one.

Once SpongeBob eats the pie, Squidward then realizes that it is actually a bomb and decides to make the last few hours of SpongeBob's life as meaningful as can be as a result.

However, it is revealed that SpongeBob did not eat the pie and it was in his pocket the whole time for him and Squidward to share. Unfortunately, he trips and the pie lands on Squidward's face, causing it to blow up in a nuclear-like explosion, destroying Bikini Bottom in the process.

Role in video games

Nicktoons Nitro

Exploding pies can be used as a weapon to knock the player's opponents off track.

Bikini Bottom 500

The exploding pie is a weapon that can be thrown at other players. Ironically, it can only be used if playing as Squidward.

Plankton's Robotic Revenge

There is a Gizmo weapon called the Exploding Pie Launcher that launches exploding pies as projectiles.


  • Despite the destructive power of the pie, it is apparently only lethal when eaten, as Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and SpongeBob are barely fazed when it blows up near them.
  • Despite the pie having red filling inside of it, Bikini Bottom 500 displays it to have a blue filling. It is most likely that pie bombs comes in other flavours.
  • It could be likely that this food item was originally going to be explosive biscuits, as the original working title for the episode was also called "Biscuits."[1]