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If you were looking for the article about the episode, then see "Evil Spatula."

Evil Spatula (Polish: Filmowa Superkolekcja: Podstępna szpachelka) is a SpongeBob SquarePants DVD that was released exclusively in Poland on October 10, 2016. It contains 10 episodes from season 9 and is based on the episode of the same name.


180a - "Patrick-Man!"
180b - "Gary's New Toy"
181a - "License to Milkshake"
181b - "Squid Baby"
182a - "Little Yellow Book"
182b - "Bumper to Bumper"
184a - "Jailbreak!"
184b - "Evil Spatula"
188a - "Kenny the Cat"
188b - "Yeti Krabs"
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  • Despite being the title and focus, the episode "Evil Spatula" is actually the eighth episode on this DVD.
  • The episodes are in the same pitch (+81) as the TV airings.