Everybody Aplomb Now is a dance manual that appears in the episodes "Oral Report," "Company Picnic," "Sold!," and "Goodbye, Krabby Patty?," as well as in the online game Sponge Star Patrick Pants.


It is a yellow-tan dance manual that shows its title written on the front in red text. It has a picture of a black-haired, lavender fish wearing a pink bikini, skirt, and ballet shoes, dancing ballet. On the back, the legs of the same fish are shown.

From "Company Picnic" onwards, the manual is light yellow and the fish on the cover is light green with blue hair and wears a red bikini and skirt.

Its info blurb in Sponge Star Patrick Pants states it is a dance manual filled with all the intricate dance moves that are popular in Bikini Bottom, such as the Krusty Krunch and the Barancle Blitz.

Role in series

"Oral Report"

Squidward is seen reading Everybody Aplomb Now in the opening.

"Company Picnic"

Squidward reads the manual in the opening until SpongeBob distracts him by playing with the Patty family.


Squidward reads it at his house. He is interrupted by SpongeBob knocking on the door of his house.

"Goodbye, Krabby Patty?"

Squidward reads it while the Krusty Krab Museum is being constructed.

Role in Sponge Star Patrick Pants

It is one of twelve collectible "Bikini Booty" items found in chests scattered throughout the game. Specifically, it is found in the treasure chest in Patrick's house.
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