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Eugene[3] Harold[4][5] Krabs[6] (born November 30, 1942[7] or September 25, 1960[8]), more commonly known as Mr. Krabs, is one of the ten main characters in the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise.[9] He is a miserly red crab who lives in an anchor with his daughter, Pearl, who is a young whale. He is the owner and founder of the Krusty Krab restaurant as well as the employer of both SpongeBob and Squidward.

Mr. Krabs was designed by Stephen Hillenburg, a marine biology teacher. Hillenburg often received fan letters that asked why Pearl is a whale while her father is a crab.[10] Hillenburg simply wanted each member of the main cast to be a different animal.

Mr. Krabs is obsessed with money and goes to great length to increase his wealth, to the point where he occasionally treats money better than his daughter and employees. Mr. Krabs' only business competition comes from the Chum Bucket, a failing restaurant run by Sheldon Plankton and his wife Karen. Plankton and Karen are constantly scheming to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula that makes the Krusty Krab so successful.

Mr. Krabs is usually voiced by Clancy Brown and first appears in the episode "Help Wanted."

Creation and development[]

Mr crabs

Mr. Krabs (then named Mr. Crabs) in the show bible.

Annual 2009 Gary and Mr Krabs

Mr. Krabs' bio (right) from the 2009 show annual.

When Stephen Hillenburg created the main characters of the show, he wanted each one to be a different animal. He had already designed Pearl as a whale, so he decided to make her father a small crab; Stephen Hillenburg thought their contrasting sizes would make for a funny dynamic.[citation needed] Clancy Brown, the voice of Mr. Krabs, has also said there is "something touchingly metaphorical in the idea of a parent-child relationship being analogous to the difference between a crab and a whale."[11]

Mr. Krabs is based on one of Hillenburg's former bosses.[12] When he designed Mr. Krabs, Hillenburg drew inspiration from his former manager at a seafood restaurant. According to Hillenburg, his manager was redheaded, muscular, and a former army cook; these three traits were adapted into Krabs' character, with Krabs' red color standing in for hair. Krabs' speaking manner was also inspired by the restaurant owner, who reminded Hillenburg of a pirate with his strong Maine accent. However, the owner was not greedy, with this detail added by Hillenburg to "give him more personality."[12]

When Stephen Hillenburg first created Mr. Krabs, his and Pearl's surname was spelled with a C rather than a K. Thus, the name of Krabs' restaurant was the "Crusty Crab." Hillenburg changed the name shortly before production began on the show's pilot episode, deciding that K's were funnier and more memorable.[citation needed] The decision to have Mr. Krabs and Pearl live in an anchor was made after production on the first season had started. The original map of the show's setting, which Hillenburg showed Nickelodeon executives as part of his pitch to the network in 1997, did not include an anchor house and instead labeled the Krusty Krab as both of the characters' residence.[citation needed]

In most cases, Mr. Krabs has a distinct manner of walking; when he moves, he moves his feet very quickly and he is drawn as if he has more than two legs. When directing animation for early episodes, one of Stephen Hillenburg's goals was for each character to have a separate walk cycle that showed their personalities; storyboard artist Erik Wiese designed Krabs' walk cycle with the intention of making it cartoonish. Wiese recalled in 2012, "I animated Mr. Krabs' little feet on a four-frame multi-blur cycle—I think it was the best solution to making him walk like a crab." Stephen Hillenburg approved of the walk after Wiese demonstrated it on a pencil test machine.[13]


Mr. Krabs' voice usually is provided by actor Clancy Brown. Brown describes the voice he uses for the character as "piratey," with "a little Scottish brogue." According to Brown, Krabs' voice was improvised during his audition and it was not challenging for him to find the correct voice. Brown is fond of playing the role, having told the New York Post in 2015, "I wouldn't mind doing [the voice] until the end of time. There's just no corollary in live-action work—television or films or anything—to playing a miserly crab on the bottom of the ocean."[14] Brown has defended Mr. Krabs as a character, saying he is "not a bad guy, just like your local banker or businessman. He loves Pearl too!"[15]

In a 2005 interview with the magazine Starlog, Brown described his work on SpongeBob as a "whole other career" compared to his live-action roles.[16] Brown's other acting projects have brought some guest actors onto SpongeBob SquarePants, including Dennis Quaid, whose work with Brown on The Express: The Ernie Davis Story led to his selection as a guest star for the episode "Grandpappy the Pirate."


Mr. Krabs is short, red, and portly with tall eyestalks, a crinkled red-brown nose, large claws, and short, pointy legs. Spikes on his shell are also visible on the back of his neck. He wears a light blue shirt and purple pants with a black belt. A sailor or pirate ship often correlates with Mr. Krabs. Many times when he appears on-screen, sea-shanty sailor music is playing.

Sometimes he does not have his shell on such as in "Shell of a Man," "Shell Shocked," and "Company Picnic." In this state, Mr. Krabs is usually pink and fleshy with visible vasculature all over his body, and may or may not have his nose.

In various spinoff media, Mr. Krabs is slightly redesigned. In Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years, he is a camp counselor; his shirt is blue, his pants are brown, and he wears a red handkerchief, much like many of the characters from the spinoff series. He also has a more red nose compared to the brownish red from the main show.

Eye colors[]

Color Image Appearance
Brown EyeCloseUp "Squeaky Boots"
Green (mentioned) Sleepy Time 149 "Sleepy Time" (listed on Mr. Krabs' driver's license)
Brown Original spongebob pbennett mrkrabs detail1 500 Nautical Nonsense: A Tribute to SpongeBob SquarePants Mr. Krabs
Green (mentioned) Mall Girl Pearl 034 "Mall Girl Pearl" (listed on Mr. Krabs' driver's license)
Brown 13734985 10153642170586366 23586703720114006 o San Diego Comic-Con 2016[1]
Green Krabby Patty Creature Feature 012 "Krabby Patty Creature Feature"
Green Plankton Paranoia 170 "Plankton Paranoia"
Orange The Hankering 131 "The Hankering"
Brown Friendiversary 130 "Friendiversary"
Brown Buff for Puff 177 "Buff for Puff"


Young Mr

Young Mr. Krabs' whale-themed school project.

Eugene H. Krabs was born on November 30, 1942 (alternatively, on September 25, 1960[8]) to Krabs Senior and Betsy Krabs. Presumably, before or after his birth his parents had a daughter, making him either an older or younger brother.[17]

When he was less than three years old, he went to a Nursery. Here, he met Sheldon J. Plankton, who was born on the same day as him.[18]

When Mr. Krabs was very young, he was put in the custody of his paternal grandfather, Redbeard Krabs, who was a pirate. Mr. Krabs learned how to be a pirate during this time.[19]

When Mr. Krabs was five years old, he got a dollar from his father. He loved that dollar a lot, but he eventually had to spend it to buy a soda on a hot day.[20] Around the same age, he sold all his teeth to the Tooth Fairy for money.[21]

As a kid, Mr. Krabs was part of a gang called the "Kelp Bed Kids," along with GrandPat Star, Granny Tentacles ("Squigly"), Mrs. Puff ("Puffy"), and Old Man Walker ("Hoops").

He attended Poseidon Elementary School. During his time here, he was cruelly considered an outcast by other kids, particularly a circle led by a mean young boy (Incidental K1) due to being poor, leaving him in an only close friendship with Plankton.[18]

After being humiliated by the class bullies, Plankton and Mr. Krabs wanted revenge. When Plankton and Mr. Krabs were planning it, they went to the carnival and Mr. Krabs found a penny. He thought it was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen. He then asked Plankton what it was. Plankton explained that it was money and that he could buy things with it. Mr. Krabs then spends the penny on balloons for Plankton.[18] This began Mr. Krabs' lifelong obsession with money and wealth.

One of the popular eateries of the time was Stinky Burgers. One day, Mr. Krabs and Plankton tried to get some burgers, but the owner, Stinky, told them that they could not eat at the restaurant, acting out of favor of the shallow Billy and his gang who were his customers that day. Later, Mr. Krabs and Plankton went to the back of the building. Stinky told them that he did not want them there because they would drive away his customers. When Stinky's shift was over, he drove off in a limousine, accidentally leaving a dollar behind. Plankton realized that starting a fast food restaurant had the potential to get the kids to like and respect the two, while Mr. Krabs was focused on the money part. Mr. Krabs was worried that they did not have the skill to make the patties. Plankton was not worried about that since they had science.[18]

Friend or Foe 318

Plankton and Mr. Krabs' first Krabby Patty.

Soon, they found an old trailer in The Dump and, using science, created a great-looking burger. They were going to rub it in the face of the other kids, but Stinky Burgers was shut down. They tested the burger on Old Man Jenkins, who was a family friend of Mr. Krabs. The burger was delicious, but it knocked out Old Man Jenkins. The newspaper the next day said that the burger poisoned the old man. Mr. Krabs and Plankton then fought and eventually the two were fighting over the recipe. The force of the two sides pulling caused Mr. Krabs to go towards the wall and Plankton to go out the door. Mr. Krabs got most of the recipe and Plankton got only one part, which was only the corner, reading "...and a pinch of chum." When Mr. Krabs hit the wall, he caused several different ingredients to fall in the cauldron of patty batter, which made the burger good.[18]

Soon after, Mr. Krabs and Plankton went back to school. Plankton had created a chum-based patty, which was the ingredient that he got. Mr. Krabs showed off his Krabby Patties. It was decided that the way that they would determine whose was better was by having the other kids try them. Mr. Krabs won. Plankton then vowed to steal the formula from that day forward.[18]

Somehow, most likely through the Krabby Patties' success and/or the war that occurred during Mr. Krabs' childhood,[22] Betsy was able to buy a house and give Mr. Krabs proper clothes.

Mr. Krabs became quite good with money, even able to scam a vending machine to get a soda.[22]

At some point, Mr. Krabs worked on the S.S. Diarrhea as head chef and S.S. Gourmet as a bathroom attendant.[23]


Mr. Krabs in the early 1960s.

In the early 1960s, Mr. Krabs joined the Navy. Krabs earned the nickname "Armor Abs Krabs," due to being the manliest of the crew. His shipmates were Torpedo Belly, Mutton Chop, Iron Eye, and Lockjaw Jones. Krabs was apparently also an officer in the navy, for he was a "naval cadet."

During this time, Mr. Krabs' cooking skill improved, and towards the end of his career as a Naval officer, he found himself on a Naval cargo ship, which was carrying suntan lotion. The crew loved his cooking, but Mr. Krabs' superior, Captain Scarfish, did not like that they were not having slop. One day, the cargo ship was invaded by pirates. Mr. Krabs, along with Captain Scarfish and the SpongeBob guard, captured the pirates. Mr. Krabs then freed the pirate leader, the pirate queen, and joined her as a pirate.[24]

Eventually, using the training that his grandfather gave him as a kid, he managed to become captain of his own ship, which he called, "the Krusty Krab."[19] He eventually faced the abominable snow mollusk, a fearsome beast of the high seas. He and his crew were devoured by the beast and forced to wait "for nature to take its course" to escape the creature's stomach.[25]

Eventually, Mr. Krabs and his crew were not doing so well (namely the fact that he had to share the profits with the crew), and Mr. Krabs had to give up his crew and sell his ship. It was also the seemingly last time he met his grandfather, who told him to carry on the Krabs pirate tradition and to never tell a lie. Mr. Krabs didn't have the heart to tell him he retired.[19]

Following the war, he retired from the naval business and stayed secluded in his home, struggling with a deep depression that seemed endless. But his luck turned for the better once he came out of it.[22]

With the little money he had, he bought a local bankrupt retirement home, "The Rusty Krab," which he decided to turn into a restaurant, adding a K to "Rusty," thus naming it the Krusty Krab[22] after his pirate ship. He decided to go into business, serving his Krabby Patties, the Krusty Krab was extremely successful from the beginning and has stood for years as Bikini Bottom's premiere daytime eatery.

In the early days of the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs was not that successful due to his own rusty cooking skills.[26]

Eventually, he hired Jim.

At some point during the earlier days of the Krusty Krab, Plankton opened a restaurant called, "Chum Bucket" across the street from the Krusty Krab. However, it was soon bankrupted by the success of the Krusty Krab and it was destroyed.


Mr. Krabs with baby Pearl, just after she was born.

After Pearl's birth, Krabs worked at Kamp Koral as a chef and there he met for the first time an happy young sponge named SpongeBob SquarePants that told him that he should open a restaurant someday. A year later, he became director of the camp and rename it to Kamp Koral.[27]

At some point, he also hired Squidward Tentacles. During this period of time, the Krusty Krab became very successful due to Jim's exceptional fry cooking skills. One day, Jim quit his job because he felt that he wasn't being paid enough.[28]

After Jim left, Mr. Krabs hired another fry cook.[29]

Eventually, the other fry cook quit too, once again leaving the restaurant without a fry cook.

It was after this that Squidward's neighbor, SpongeBob SquarePants applied for a job at the Krusty Krab. At first, Mr. Krabs was reluctant to hire SpongeBob since he "didn't even have his sea legs." To get rid of SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs asked SpongeBob to get a ridiculously specific item and to not come back until he got it. After SpongeBob left, dozens of hungry anchovies flooded the restaurant. Before long, SpongeBob arrived back with the spatula (to the disbelief of Mr. Krabs and Squidward) and after proving his competence as fry cook, Mr. Krabs gave SpongeBob the job.[6]

Some time before Mr. Krabs hired SpongeBob as the fry cook, Plankton returned with a new Chum Bucket.[26]

Plankton, now a mad scientist and technological scientific genius, constantly attempts to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula as he vowed to do all those years ago, frequently using his various robots and other creations. Occasionally, Plankton uses other tactics besides stealing the formula in order to hinder Krabs and attract customers to him. However, all of Plankton's schemes are doomed to fail and are constantly thwarted by Krabs, with help from SpongeBob, Patrick, and other allies. On multiple occasions, Plankton states that he has never had a single customer.

In The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, Mr. Krabs opens the Krusty Krab 2 right next door to the original Krusty Krab. He chooses Squidward to manage the restaurant, much to SpongeBob's dismay. However, after SpongeBob saves Bikini Bottom and Krabs' life, he is appointed the new manager of the Krusty Krab 2.



Nick.com icons of Mr. Krabs, the Krusty Krab, and Pearl.

Before he established the restaurant, he tried to open a business along with his former best friend, Plankton. Their first customer was Old Man Jenkins, which their burger poisoned. Plankton and Krabs blamed each other and fought over the recipe, resulting in ingredients dropped into the meat, which became the Krabby Patty. At the end, Plankton only got one ingredient: Chum.[18]

Krabs was a Navy cadet for some time and retired to running a business again. He bought a retirement home named the Rusty Krab and made it into the Krusty Krab restaurant we see today. Currently, he has two employees: one loyal and hardworking and the other who does not care about his job and sleeps during his shifts. Occasionally, he would have extra employees to boost his success, often being better off without them in the end. Less often, he works for someone else or had another business.

In some episodes such as "Culture Shock" and "Squirrel Jokes," he provided entertainment to the customers.

Other businesses that he owned include the Pretty Patties restaurant and the Kuddly Krab, which were not successful in the end. Krabs also owned a hotel, until it crashed.

In "The Krabby Kronicle," he was the editor-in-chief of the newspaper that he used to advertise the Krusty Krab.

During "Squilliam Returns," he served as the chef for the "five-star restaurant" that Squidward "owned." He looked for a job when he was looking for something to do which led him to become the dishwasher in "Selling Out."

Businesses owned[]

Some restaurants or businesses that he owned were a reformed version of the original Krusty Krab, a separate store, or a different idea. Some changes of the Krusty Krab turned the restaurant into others like the Kuddly Krab, 5 Star Krusty Krab, Krabby O'Monday's, and The Krusty Sponge. Separate restaurants include the Pretty Patties Store and Krusty Krab 2. New ideas were made such as hotels like the Krusty Towers.


  • The Chum Bucket - The Chum Bucket, owned by Krabs' former best friend Sheldon Plankton has been the main rivalry of the Krusty Krab for nearly the entire series, and Plankton continues to try to steal the recipe for Krabby Patties, but almost always fails by the end of the episode. However, occasionally he has had customers in his restaurant, only to lose them in the end. Krabs' rivalry with Plankton has never been lost, but most of the time it has been gained.
  • The Sea Chicken Shack - The Sea Chicken Shack was a restaurant that claimed to be "The best restaurant in the sea," which angered Mr. Krabs. SpongeBob then went to investigate, only to find out that it was a complete disaster, and that the only reason it had any service was due to a statue of the mascot, Mr. Sea Chicken, which kids played on.
  • The Kelpshake - The Kelp Shake restaurant was a very popular restaurant that made no customers order any drinks from the Krusty Krab. Therefore, Mr. Krabs teams up with Plankton to steal the recipe for it. However, Plankton sustains many injuries, so; instead, Mr. Krabs was "forced" to order one. However, both Krabs and Plankton end up drinking it, only to find out that the shakes were toxic causing the person who drank it to grow green fur all over their body.
  • The Flabby Patty Shack - The Flabby Patty Shack was a restaurant that served burgers much like Krabby Patties in which everyone preferred over. Therefore, he and Plankton teamed up to steal the secret formula. They finally get it, only to find out it is a recipe for friendship. SpongeBob then explained that he created the Flabby Patty Shack to get them to work together.


Krabs with money

Mr. Krabs in his office with a dollar bill.


Dollar signs surround a scheming Mr. Krabs.

Mr. Krabs is extremely greedy, irrationally cheap, and sometimes hypocritical. He is sometimes portrayed as being even just as bad, if not worse, than Plankton. His main interest is to have money, and his greed is often shown to be so bad that it causes him to make stupid decisions, mistakes and/or immoral actions, and put money above his customers, his employees and his family, their lives, or even his own life. He treats money as if it's royalty in some aspects. He frequently associates his customers and products with money, with lines such as "That's me money walking out the door!" or "The money is always right." Also, whenever SpongeBob or anyone else does something he doesn't like, he often says "This is coming out of your paycheck." It should be noted that, while Mr. Krabs' portrayal shows him as being obsessed with money and wealth to the point of anthropomorphizing it from the beginning, it was usually done for the sake of humor, but he became more miserly, cheap, and immoral as the series progressed, up to the ninth season. When SpongeBob uses the term "obsession" to describe his relationship with money and wealth during "Plankton's Good Eye," he denies it and claims it to be a strong word. He then puts his money to bed.

He is prone to fits of insanity if he has to give up as much as a penny. He often goes to irrationally great lengths to acquire or to avoid losing money with little, if any, regard to the safety or well-being of others or even himself. In "Squid's Day Off," he loses both arms and suffers a severe head injury while attempting to pull a dime out of the sink. "Krab Borg" reveals that Mr. Krabs always remembers the price for everything he has bought, which proves his greed has a strong memory. In "Born Again Krabs," he sells SpongeBob's soul to the Flying Dutchman for 62 cents, despite the fact that SpongeBob put his life on the line to protect him from the Dutchman. In the same episode, he forces SpongeBob to serve a contaminated patty that he found under the grill, refusing to let anything that he could potentially make money with go to waste. Ironically, this results in the Krusty Krab losing weeks of business. He also tries to rip somebody's arm off for a penny saying "Unhand that penny or the arm comes off." Twice, he has been shown to have little respect for the dead, most notably in "One Krabs Trash," where he defiles a grave to obtain a rare drink hat to obtain a million dollars. Additionally, he has little respect for royalty. In "Rule of Dumb," when Patrick is believed to be the king of Bikini Bottom, Krabs allows him to eat at the Krusty Krab in the hopes of getting more money. Krabs promptly kicks Patrick out when he discovers that he never intended to pay at all, shouting, "No one eats at my restaurant for free, king or no king!" In "The Clash of Triton," he fails to take Krabby Patties away from King Neptune when ordered to do so and is promptly electrocuted when he asked who was to pay for them all. Also in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, he raises the price of a Krabby Patty to $101.99 when he finds out King Neptune is coming to the restaurant. He has also risen the price of food in "Truth or Square" in which it was the 117th anniversary of the Krusty Krab and adds an extra zero at the end of every price on the menu in hopes of getting more money. Mr. Krabs has even admitted his cheap nature before, such as in "Squirrel Jokes," showing that he has some awareness of it. There have been at least two occasions where SpongeBob has burst into the Krusty Krab to warn him about an oncoming disaster, only for him to think of it as an opportunity to try to serve his customers Krabby Patties. The first attempt was to an oncoming biker gang in "Born to Be Wild." The second was in "Whelk Attack" when he tried serving Krabby Patties to giant whelks when SpongeBob describes them as ravenously eating everything in their paths, he continues to try to push his products, despite them obviously being vicious wild monsters and he was promptly eaten.

His treatment of his employees is just as bad while inconsistent throughout the series; SpongeBob and Squidward's wages are always stated to be extremely low, far below minimum legal wage as shown in "Squid on Strike." However, in "Dying For Pie" Squidward states that Mr. Krabs pays him minimum wage. In "Bummer Vacation," SpongeBob comments that nickel is "more than [he makes] in a year." In "Big Pink Loser," SpongeBob implies that instead of being paid, he actually has to pay his boss. He is also shown to abuse his employees, most notably in "Fear of a Krabby Patty," in which he forces them to work nonstop 24 hours a day, seven days a week without rest for more than 40 days. In "Squid on Strike," Mr. Krabs gives SpongeBob and Squidward bills instead of checks on payday, which charge them for any non-work-related activity, including standing, breathing, and even existing. SpongeBob even reveals in "One Coarse Meal" that Mr. Krabs actually pays him in play money. His safety measures and maintenance of the restaurant are extremely poor, if not nonexistent, frequently resorting to improvised and obviously inadequate measures to avoid paying for actual insurance and repairs. In "Pickles," he takes money out of SpongeBob's paycheck for one small mistake (Bubble Bass hit the pickles under his tongue to make it look like there were no pickles). In multiple episodes, Mr. Krabs takes advantage of the situation in order to make money, only to have it backfire later on. For example, in "The Krusty Sponge," after a food critic gives the Krusty Krab a good review because of SpongeBob, he completely changes the Krusty Krab to center all around SpongeBob, with SpongeBob condiments, SpongeBob train rides, SpongeBob napkins, SpongeBob ice cubes, and even "Spongy Patties." However, "Spongy Patties" give all the customers food poisoning, and one of the customers, who happens to be a cop, arrests Krabs. "Money Talks" reveals that Krabs has sold his soul multiple times to various evil spirits and demons, including the Flying Dutchman and even SpongeBob because "he was five bucks short on payday." In "Drive Thru," he turns a hole in the wall into a drive-thru. SpongeBob bought several things, including a menu, a microphone, and a light-up arrow. However, Krabs turned it down as he already made a menu made of napkins, a microphone made of tin cans on a string, and a very small fish-shaped sign, despite the fact that SpongeBob already paid for them, thus making Mr. Krabs not have to spend anything. Because of the increase in customers, he keeps knocking more holes in the walls of his restaurant until it eventually collapses. In "SpongeBob You're Fired," he fires SpongeBob, his best employee, just to save a nickel, although he regrets that later on. In "Out of the Picture," Krabs, after SpongeBob telling him that when paintings get older, they get more expensive, buys all of Squidward's paintings, including the one that SpongeBob bought. After an art appraiser tells him that the paintings of an artist that is out of the picture (meaning dead) are a lot more expensive than those of an alive artist, he takes this literally and sends Squidward to a series of deliveries to dangerous locations to get him killed in the process. After through luck, Squidward survives all of them, including delivery to Mars, Krabs in anger takes out a huge hammer and tries to directly kill him. Squidward in the process is forced to destroy his paintings and the art appraiser appraises the destruction. Krabs, in hopes of getting money, then destroys his own restaurant just to impress the appraiser. The appraiser then says to Krabs that the "performance" couldn't have a price on it, so Mr. Krabs then gets angry, but a piece of the roof crushes him and Squidward. It is then seen that they are displaced in an art museum.

Mr. Krabs can also be incredibly petty, especially when it's about money. An example of this is seen in "Plankton's Regular," where when the Chum Bucket gets a regular customer, Mr. Krabs breaks down crying, saying that he can't let Plankton have even one solitary customer, even though Plankton says beforehand that he wouldn't try to steal the Krabby Patty formula anymore because he "just can't afford it." Another example is in "Penny Foolish," where he goes to ridiculous lengths to acquire a penny that SpongeBob finds, setting up numerous tricks that would ironically cost far more than a penny. In "Born Again Krabs," he attacks an innocent bystander who found a penny on the floor and nearly tore his arm off to get the penny. During his schemes, he often forces SpongeBob to help him by threatening to fire him. In "InSPONGEiac," Mr. Krabs scolds SpongeBob for using 1% more mustard than he was supposed to and calls him an insomniac for getting two minutes less sleep than normal.

Mr. Krabs has also shown that he believes that he has full control over SpongeBob's personal life: In "Karate Choppers," he forces SpongeBob to give up karate altogether, including outside of work, or else he would be fired. In "My Pretty Seahorse," Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to not just stop bringing Mystery to work, but to get rid of her completely and has on many occasions forced his employees to work nonstop and told them they could never go home, which is illegal.

Mr. Krabs is very protective of the secret formula, as he is always going to great lengths to make sure it is safe from Plankton. However, he is so used to Plankton making attempts to steal it that if Plankton doesn't make any attempts for a certain length of time, he begins to lose his sanity. As shown in Plankton Paranoia, Mr. Krabs is willing to leave the formula in plain sight, make new laws about all Krabby Patties having to be eaten on Krusty Krab premises, and even ban his customers and his employees just to get Plankton to reveal himself, and he often ends up hallucinating that Plankton is everywhere.

Despite his cruel and money-grubbing behavior, Mr. Krabs is not completely heartless. He has apologized and shown regret for his actions on occasion, and he does care for Pearl, going to great lengths to acquire food for her in "Growth Spout" and in "Bossy Boots," he makes Pearl manager and gets heartbroken having to fire her, asking SpongeBob to do it in his place. In "Pearl Wants to Be a Star," he dances to Pearl's song and congratulates her after the performance. Despite his somewhat abusive treatment of SpongeBob and Squidward, he does care for and appreciate them, as the two help keep his restaurant afloat. He has also stated that he wouldn't stoop so low as to physically abuse them, as shown in "Selling Out." In "Krusty Love," Krabs finds his second love after money: Mrs. Puff, and they are still dating to this day. Also, in "Best Day Ever," when SpongeBob is sad, he actually uses his money to try to cheer him up. Additionally, in "Born Again Krabs" he struck a deal with the Flying Dutchman for a second chance at life in exchange for being a non-cheap, generous crab, something that he did very well until he discovered that he had no money in the cash register. As seen in "Little Yellow Book," Mr. Krabs is upset at Squidward for reading SpongeBob's secret diary, and as he didn't laugh at all, it also means that he was not an hypocrite. In "Welcome to the Chum Bucket" Mr. Krabs is heartbroken over losing SpongeBob and even says he will give it all away to have him back. He also shows some sort of fatherly concern towards SpongeBob and Patrick, making them promise never to go near the hooks in "Hooky" and forbidding them from using vulgar words in "Sailor Mouth," as well as warning them of getting the face freeze for doing face in "Face Freeze!," and in "Yours, Mine and Mine," he reprimands them for fighting over a toy of little importance, as it's a stupid reason to do so. He also apologizes for selling SpongeBob for 62 cents in "Born Again Krabs," even going as far as throwing the coins to the ground in disgust and saying "I don't want this foul money! I want SpongeBob back!". In "Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation," he also stops two bank robbers from robbing the money factory with SpongeBob's help. In "No Nose Knows," he recruits Squidward and Sandy to destroy Patrick's nose, which is a sign of friendship toward at least 2 other characters. This shows that Mr. Krabs is technically a good crab overall and defining him as evil is an overstatement.


The Check-Up 144

Mr. Krabs and Pearl's house.

Mr. Krabs and Pearl live together in a hollow anchor. Its address has been inconsistent in the show: it is at 3541 Anchor Way, Bikini Bottom in "Sleepy Time" and at 2219 Anchor St. in "Mall Girl Pearl." Mr. Krabs and Pearl own a pet worm named Mr. Doodles, as seen in "Sandy's Rocket" and "As Seen on TV." Krabs has a mother, who lives in a nearly identical version of his anchor home, except it is pink and slightly smaller.

Abilities and talents[]

  • Detection: Mr. Krabs is no stranger to having his restaurant invaded by Plankton in pursuit of the formula. As such, he isn't deceived by Plankton's numerous disguises and attempts to obtain the formula. In "Plankton!," Mr. Krabs is the only one to realize that the moving Krabby Patty was a result of Plankton hiding in it. In "Imitation Krabs," he detects Plankton behind the robot game show host machine. He also isn't deceived by Plankton lying about his card advising to discuss the Krabby Patty formula while at SpongeBob's party in "Party Pooper Pants." Despite this, he falls for Plankton's disguise as Cashina in "Married to Money" and his trail of pennies in "Goo Goo Gas" out of greed. Mr. Krabs also has a great sense of smell, and he can identify the presence of money from lengthy distances, as seen in "Penny Foolish."
  • Fighting: Having served in the Navy, Mr. Krabs knows how to defend himself and is more armed than most people. In "One Krabs Trash," he fights off a group of living skeletons in the cemetery using a sword. In "Bubbletown," he assaults the bubble police officer to the point of death, showing that he is more armed than the highest people of authority.
  • Limb range: Like most characters in the series, Mr. Krabs can stretch his body to unusual extents. He can elongate his eyes into nearby rooms and is revealed to know his to pop his eyestalks in and out in "Pressure," the latter of which he claims is a shared family quirk.
  • Lying: When under pressure, Mr. Krabs will resort to lying about having malice intent and has at times shown to be rather good at it. In "Life of Crime," he gets away with having stolen many people's valuables by categorizing the act as "borrowing." In "Growth Spout," Mr. Krabs is accused of theft by the police, but denies their accusations and claims he is practicing Santa Claus for the holidays, thereby letting him off the hook.
  • Parental authority: Being Pearl's father, Mr. Krabs has authority over her, and Pearl must obey him regardless of circumstances. Despite having legal authority over Pearl, Mr. Krabs has displayed incredibly poor and abusive parenting towards her in favor of finance, more-so as the show progressed.
  • Strength: Mr. Krabs seems to be incredibly fit for someone his age and weight, as he has demonstrated titanic strength on a number of occasions. In "Squeaky Boots," he lifts up the whole Krusty Krab, filled with numerous customers, like a feather. In "Bucket Sweet Bucket," he pushes the whole Krusty Krab across the street and then throws it into the air. In "Le Big Switch," he tips over the Krusty Krab from the back, dumping all of the customers out. He also possesses a remarkable sense of smell; he is actually able to smell money, and in "Hooky" he tracks down SpongeBob and Patrick by the sense of smell at least a few hours after the two left the Krusty Krab, claiming that he can "smell laziness up to ten thousand leagues." Mr. Krabs shows that he is stronger than Sandy in "Surf N' Turf" when he tossed her submarine into the distance. He also easily beat many muscular fish at the secret anchor arm wrestling club in "Handemonium."
  • Supervisor authority: Due to having found the Krusty Krab franchise, Mr. Krabs has authority over his employees, who must do what he says or else consequences will be faced. Despite this, he is shown to abuse his authority to mass extents and shows little regard to the well-being of SpongeBob or Squidward in pursuit of raised profits.
  • Air breathing Mr. Krabs is invulnerable to air as he can breathe both air and water like real life crabs as shown in "The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom", since he is invulnerable to air he does not usually wear a water helmet unlike the 3 episodes.

Obsession with money and wealth[]

Mr. Krabs is an extremely selfish and greedy individual when it comes to his money and will go to any lengths for just a single penny. This is shown in "Penny Foolish" where he breaks into SpongeBob's house just to obtain a penny. He even chased a penny for miles in "Imitation Krabs."

He will even abuse SpongeBob and Squidward at work in many episodes. He makes them work for 24 hours in "Graveyard Shift" and "Fear of a Krabby Patty," but changes it to 23 hours. He forces them to fish for his millionth dollar, even going as far as to use them as bait in "Clams." In "The Cent of Money," he abuses SpongeBob and Gary when he forces Gary to steal change and keep SpongeBob occupied, he is even shown to make them pay him instead of them getting their paycheck, such as in "Squid on Strike." In the said episode, he fires SpongeBob and Squidward, and in the end, when they are reemployed, he forces them to work for him for the rest of their lives after SpongeBob destroyed and trashed the Krusty Krab. In "Krabs à la Mode," he forces them to work with the thermostat at 62 degrees, making them freeze in the process. It is shown in "Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm" that he cares more about money than he does about anyone else, even their lives, as shown when Sandy wanted him to pay her. It is also shown in "The Slumber Party" that he can prioritize money over Pearl's happiness when he gives her only tap water with crackers and ketchup (in place of pizza) and a lot of rules. In "Whale of a Birthday" It is revealed that Mr. Krabs ruined 15 of Pearl's birthday parties due to being cheap, and almost ruined her 16th birthday party, only angry to find out that SpongeBob bought a lot of gifts with his credit card. He also has abused animals for money, as shown in "Jellyfish Hunter" and "The Cent of Money." He has also said many times how much he would want to marry money such as in "Money Talks" and "Married to Money."

The episode "Born Again Krabs" shows his greedy personality when he almost dies for forcing SpongeBob to serve a rotten patty. In the same episode, he shows how selfish he is when he sells SpongeBob's soul just for 62 cents and almost rips somebody's arm off for a penny. In "Krusty Love" shows his generous side when he finds someone he loves just as much as money, which appears to be Mrs. Puff, and he reluctantly spends $100,000 just for their date. He then tells SpongeBob to make him not spend any money even though he forces SpongeBob to spend money for him as he scolds him, prompting him to finally snap at him and curse in gibberish, yet he is able to win Mrs. Puff's heart and keep his money. In "Born Again Krabs," he gave children free toys, gave people the ability to watch movies that have not even been in theaters, and free refills; Mr. Krabs is completely relaxed and does not mind having to pay a fine of $10,000 despite being bankrupt until he realized that he wasn't dreaming and he was fully awake.

"The Krabby Kronicle," shows him making counterfeit notes. He has also paid SpongeBob fake money and stole people's belongings to avoid paying, as shown in "Life of Crime." He endangers townsfolk and even children, as shown in "The Wreck of the Mauna Loa" and "Krabby Land." He is overprotective of his money, as shown in "Squid's Day Off," "Can You Spare a Dime?," and "Clams." In the episode "Krabs vs. Plankton," his eyes turn in golden bars when the lawyer says, "We'll counter sue Plankton for everything he's got!" In addition, in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, he raised the prices of the menu to over a hundred dollars. He also raised the price of Krabby Patties to $50.00 in "The Googly Artiste."

Krabs' greed is a double-edged sword, as he has made business decisions in order to save or acquire more money, which turned out to be counter-productive. In "SpongeBob You're Fired," he fires his best employee simply to save a nickel and opts to do the fry cooking himself, which backfires since his terrible fry cook skills scared all the customers away. In "Hello Bikini Bottom!," he sold his restaurant to fund a band tour for SpongeBob and Squidward, but almost went bankrupt.

Worker rights violations[]

Many times, Mr. Krabs has violated worker's rights out of being cheap, and/or to make more money.

  • In "Hooky," He reveals that no one at the Krusty Krab has taken a break "Since the chum famine of '59," and he gets mad at SpongeBob for taking a break. This is illegal, as all employees are entitled to a break.
  • In "Big Pink Loser," he reveals that he makes SpongeBob pay him $100 an hour to be able to work.
  • In "Squid on Strike," he refuses to pay his employees and instead makes them pay him for reasons as ridiculous as breathing and existing, and he also fires Squidward and SpongeBob when the latter tells him they're going on strike and tries to hire new employees while SpongeBob and Squidward are on strike. Acts which are both illegal.
  • In "Clams," he rewards SpongeBob and Squidward by taking them on a fishing trip. Squidward is injured, but Krabs could care less. Mr. Krabs then loses his one-millionth dollar to a giant blue-lipped clam. They search for days until they try to leave. So Krabs threatens to starve everyone, and then even goes so far as to feed them to the clam.
  • In "Graveyard Shift," when Mr. Krabs realizes he can earn more money by staying open longer, he forces SpongeBob and Squidward to work 24 hours, while Mr. Krabs himself went back home. He does this again In "Fear of a Krabby Patty," when he realizes that Plankton is open for 23 hours, so he opens the Krusty Krab for 24 hours. But this time he works SpongeBob, Squidward, and even himself to near-death for 43 restless days straight, not letting any of them even go home.
  • In "Krabs vs. Plankton," Squidward reveals he hasn't had a day off in over 3 years, which is illegal, as all employees have to have days off throughout the year.
  • In "Le Big Switch," he sells Squidward when he goes bankrupt.
  • In "No Hat for Pat," he hires Patrick to give entertainment to the customers by repeatedly falling. This eventually got to the point in which he was making Patrick fall into a bucket of sea urchins. However, at first, Patrick struggles to do so. He then realizes it was his hat making him fall. He, as well as Squidward, falls, thus causing injuries toward Squidward.
  • In "One Coarse Meal," he reveals that Mr. Krabs pays SpongeBob with fake money.
  • In "Chum Fricassee," he uses Squidward as a doormat, only after re-hiring him.
  • In "SpongeBob You're Fired" it's revealed that SpongeBob's yearly salary is a nickel, which is much less than minimum wage.
  • In "Mutiny on the Krusty," he cancels payday for Squidward.
  • In "Bottle Burglars," he stuffs SpongeBob and Squidward in the safe of the Krabby Patty formula as his "new security system."



Main article: Krabs family

Pearl Krabs (daughter)[]

Pearl is the only thing Mr. Krabs loves more than money.[30] Mr. Krabs cares very deeply for her and raised her by himself. He sometimes struggles to let go of his greed for Pearl but does what is right for her in the end.

Betsy Krabs (mother)[]

His mother, Betsy Krabs, is seen in several episodes. They are very close since Mr. Krabs was raised solely by his mother and for that, he loves her as shown when he affectionately calls her "Mommy," in spite of being an adult. Despite his care for her, Mr. Krabs is as cheap as he is with everybody as he chooses not to give her money. He even tells his mother not to spend her own money, since he believes it to be his inheritance which shows how selfish he can be with her. In "Momageddon," Betsy is shown to be even more cheap than Krabs, such as criticizing him for using real ketchup and changing the deep fryer's oil daily instead of yearly.

Krabs Senior (father)[]

His father. Not much is known, though he appears to have a good relationship with him because he gave him a dollar when he was five. Mr. Krabs once got his father to help him handle the Jenkins family after they took over his restaurant, and Krabs' father comes over for Bring Your Dad to Work Day in "Momageddon."

Grandpa Redbeard (grandfather)[]

He and his grandfather have a very similar personality. Like Grandpa Redbeard, Mr. Krabs loves money. Although he was ashamed to admit that he was a restaurant owner and tried hiding it, he ultimately revealed it and his grandfather was proud he was still a pirate but in a legal way. Also, Redbeard stole money from Mr. Krabs and is notable for being the only person that Mr. Krabs did not get upset with for stealing his money.

Other relatives[]

The episode "Stanley S. SquarePants" shows that he has three little nephews who solve mysteries. Because of this, it is confirmed Mr. Krabs has a brother or sister, though it has been hinted to be a sister since his grandfather called him his only grandson.

Mr. Krabs seems to have family all over the world, like Scotland, Dead Eye Gulch, even kings and pirates. He and his relatives are very similar looking, all almost looking the same except with a few different facial features. His relatives such as Pappy Krabs act similar to him as they are cheap, somewhat selfish, and always want money. In "The Yard Sale," Krabs has an old West ancestor who works in a gold mine.

His employees[]

Mr. Krabs treats his employees very poorly, paying them far below minimum wage, and even forcing them to pay him.[31] He constantly abuses them, overworks them to the point of exhaustion,[32] even whipping Squidward for money. That said, he does "tolerate" his employees because they bring him good money, though he is easy to rebuke them if they mess up his profits.


Squidward greatly despises and has little tolerance for Mr. Krabs, and views him as nothing more than a cheap miser, that said, he does get along with him sometimes,[33] and even seems to be Mr. Krabs' friend sometimes.[6] Squidward hates his job, works very poorly, much to Mr. Krabs' annoyance. Mr. Krabs has no tolerance for Squidward's laziness, and sometimes even jokes about firing him.[20] In "SpongeBob You're Fired," Squidward asks to get fired, but Krabs refuses because he has job seniority.


Mr. Krabs is in some way a father figure to SpongeBob, such as reprimanding him for swearing in "Sailor Mouth." That said, SpongeBob does have his fair share of abuse from Mr. Krabs, such as the time when SpongeBob and Squidward were nearly sacrificed to the Clam in "Clams," or sacrificing SpongeBob to the "sandwich gods" in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, or when he sold SpongeBob's soul for 62 cents to the Flying Dutchman in "Born Again Krabs." Mr. Krabs often takes advantage of SpongeBob as he is sometimes gullible enough to work a longer shift at work without overtime payment. SpongeBob also likes working for Mr. Krabs and doesn't mind getting paid little any money. SpongeBob also seems to be oblivious of Mr. Krabs' greed, however, he has called him a "Crustaceous Cheapskate" out of anger twice, in "Pickles" and "Can You Spare a Dime?" SpongeBob also got mad at Mr. Krabs when he abused Gary in "The Cent of Money" Mr. Krabs also thinks he can control SpongeBob's life, such as forcing him to give up Mystery the Seahorse in "My Pretty Seahorse" or to give up karate in "Karate Choppers." Despite being a bully sometimes, Mr. Krabs does really care about SpongeBob, mostly because SpongeBob is his best employee.

It's also noted that in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, SpongeBob would risk his own life to save Mr. Krabs.


According to the episode "The Original Fry Cook," Jim and Mr. Krabs had somewhat of an okay relationship, however, Jim was probably the first one to rebel against Mr. Krabs because of how little he pays his employees, then Jim quits his job to pursue a successful career as a chef. Like Squidward, Jim despised Mr. Krabs for being cheap. He even tried to convince Squidward to quit so they can have "something to fall back on," but Squidward declines, saying he's only doing this until his "clarinet career takes off."


Plankton is Mr. Krabs' nemesis, their rivalry stems all the way back to their childhoods when both of them were in poverty and were teased by the other kids, so they wanted to become successful and out-compete the burger shop to get back on the kids, so they made up a recipe, but when they gave their burger to Old Man Jenkins, he was poisoned by the food. Krabs and Plankton blamed each other for Jenkins' death, Plankton ripped off a piece of the old formula ("chum"), when he slammed the door angrily on his way out, a bunch of ingredients fell into a batter, and thus the Krabby Patty was born.[18]

Mr. Krabs revels in his success against Plankton and will go mad if Plankton has one customer, that said, Plankton does try to run Mr. Krabs' business to the ground by stealing the Krabby Patty secret formula, although he always fails, with The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie being a notable exception. Plankton and Krabs can get along sometimes: in "New Leaf," they briefly become friends again, and in "There Will Be Grease," they team up to sell Dr. Krabton's Miracle Everything Juice. Most of their team-ups are brought on by a bigger threat that they cannot handle alone, such as Kelpshake in "Best Frenemies," the Flabby Patty Shack in "The Other Patty," and PlanKrab in "The Krusty Bucket."

Mrs. Puff[]

According to "Whirly Brains," Mr. Krabs was dating Mrs. Puff for 16 years. They start a relationship in the episode "Krusty Love."

Sandy Cheeks[]

Mr. Krabs and Sandy have had very few interactions throughout the series so far. When they do interact though, they seem to get along. He even went to her birthday party in the episode "Feral Friends." He temporarily hired Sandy at the end of "Karate Choppers" due to her karate skills being excellent for chopping food; although earlier in the same episode, he showed a distaste for her smell since she was a mammal. In "Hot Crossed Nuts," Mr. Krabs hires Sandy to cook her barbecue nuts, but his cheapness and lack of concern for SpongeBob lead her to quit.

Patrick Star[]

Mr. Krabs and Patrick have had few interactions. Patrick is sometimes seen working in the Krusty Krab and is a regular customer there. Though like Squidward and Sandy, Mr. Krabs often gets annoyed with Patrick's stupidity. Mr. Krabs often acts mean towards Patrick, as when he fired him for making him do a refund.

Karen Plankton[]

Mr. Krabs and Karen barely interact despite being enemies. He did take her in and made her work at the Krusty Krab in the episode "Karen 2.0."


An alternate Krabs exists in a world where Krabs wasn't successful. Like Plankton, he tries to steal the Krabby Patty formula.



Photo from ViacomCBS' Mr. Krabs costume party.

  • In October 2019, ViacomCBS (the parent company of Nickelodeon) held a Mr. Krabs costume party at which the attendees had to dress up like him. Some of the ViacomCBS directors and employees just wore clothes in Mr. Krabs' style, while others used elaborate crab costumes and props, such as toys of Pearl and sacks of play money.
  • He has a fear of "robot overlords." According to the narrator of "Krusty Krab Training Video," this is a good thing, as it keeps the "balance of technology" in check.
  • In "Jellyfish Hunter," when Mr. Krabs keeps on saying "more," there is a part that shows a hideous picture of him saying "more." On YouTube, it became extremely popular for YouTube Poops. The video is called "Moar Krabs."
  • "Sandy's Rocket" reveals that Mr. Krabs cares about his money even more than he cares about his own well-being, as shown when he begs SpongeBob and Patrick not to shoot him, and then tells them that they can shoot him, but pleads them not to take his money.
  • Mr. Krabs can imitate Pearl's voice perfectly.[34]
  • Mr. Krabs can breathe air, much like real crabs, as seen in "The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom." However, in "Overbooked," "Surf N' Turf," and "Hiccup Plague," Mr. Krabs wears a water helmet in Sandy's treedome.
  • Despite his employees being underpaid, Mr. Krabs pays them a standard employee's salary in "Squeaky Boots" and "Skill Crane."
  • "Little Yellow Book" reveals that Mr. Krabs has gray hair.
    • It also reveals that he wears a hairpin and that he is a plaid enthusiast.
  • According to "Krab Borg" and "Tutor Sauce," salt hurts Mr. Krabs' eyes even though he is a saltwater crustacean.
  • Mr. Krabs hates golf.[35]
  • In the episode "The Googly Artiste," Mr. Krabs is revealed to have ears.
  • Mr. Krabs hates the notion of treating his employees fairly so much that a manual of labor conditions gave him hives and the word "overtime" horrifies him astronomically.
  • In many episodes, it is shown he has heightened senses whenever money is involved/mentioned.
  • In the third and ninth season of the show, Mr. Krabs' shell is bright red, whereas it has a slight pinkish-orange tinge from season 4 to season 8. It randomly switches from being bright red to having a slight pinkish orange tinge in season 9 and onwards.
  • Unlike most characters, Mr. Krabs does not usually wear a helmet in Sandy's treedome, as real-life crabs can survive out of water in the air.
  • Mr. Krabs' "DOB" (Date of Birth) is 11-30-42 in "Sleepy Time" and 9-25-60 in "Mall Girl Pearl," as seen in his driver's license. Both would make him in his 50s during the year each episode was aired.
  • A large number of his relatives appear in the episode "Senior Discount," including his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, and many other ancestors.
  • Mr. Krabs' horoscope is a Sagittarius.[36]

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