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The ensign is a sponge who works on Mr. Krabs' cargo ship. He appears in the episode "Pull Up a Barrel."


The ensign is shown to resemble SpongeBob and his normal attire, but with a blue hat, and instead of a red tie, he wears a blue scarf tied in a knot.

Role in episode

After Captain Scarfish sends Mr. Krabs to the brig for disobeying his orders to make the night's dinner disgusting, he assigns two guards, one of them being the ensign, who, during the time, is playing with a toy boat. While in the brig, Mr. Krabs manages to get some useful information from the ensign, one of them being that he is an aspiring cook and Krabs is able to get him to bring down some cooking supplies from the kitchen and teach him how to cook.

As the ensign is making a mini cathedral from cotton candy, Mr. Krabs takes leftovers and makes a key. The ensign reveals that he is the only sailor not sick from the moldy crust that Captain Scarfish had force fed the others, as he cooked his own food.