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"End of Summer Daze" is a Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years episode from season 2. In this episode, summer is over, and SpongeBob and Patrick stay behind for one final attempt to catch a jellyfish – but they're not the only ones hiding out at camp.



Part 1[]

End of Summer Daze 051

The adults celebrating the end of summer.

Perch Perkins announces the last day of camp, giving a long-winded speech. Bubble Bass and Harvey climb up to the tower and tell him to hurry up, but Perch says reporting at camp is all he has. The tower collapses, and he agrees to leave. Meanwhile, Krabs is going around and making sure the campers have everything in order. He makes Patrick dump out his cabin's trash, which Patrick does on top of Squidward. Lady Upturn, Rea, and Roh make an overworked Regigilled carry all their stuff to the bus. Tall Tail airs out the Frigate cabin to remove its bad smell. Preda Tory captures a camper to eat for the bus ride, the Roxies pack a shoe collection, and Kidferatu brings a blood transfusion bag. At the buses home, Squidward gives Larry a hug, and all the anchovies say goodbye. In Krabs' office, he and the other staff celebrate that they made it through the summer.

End of Summer Daze 110

SpongeBob and Patrick return to Jelly Meadows.

All the campers are taking the buses home. Sandy tells SpongeBob and Patrick that she is instead taking the express train back home, to preserve the timeline, like her future self told her. When the bus drives off, Krabs stops at a toll road run by Narlene and Nobby, who steal his wallet. With the camp deserted, SpongeBob and Patrick have stayed behind, leaving decoys of themselves on the bus. SpongeBob wants to catch a final jellyfish before he leaves for good, so he and Patrick go to Jelly Meadows. SpongeBob is completely unable to catch anything, while Patrick does easily.

Meanwhile, Dorsal Dan and Sticky Fins Whiting arrive at camp, having stolen a bunch of treasure from their last heist. They hide out to bake their treasure into pies to avoid suspicion. SpongeBob and Patrick arrive back, where Patrick tells SpongeBob he needs to clear his mind in order to catch jellyfish. The two go around camp for a swim, unaware that the criminals are there as well.

Part 2[]

After swimming, Patrick smells a pie and goes to eat it. However, the canteen is currently being used as the hideout for Dan and Sticky Fins, who are unaware of SpongeBob and Patrick's presence. A wanted poster for the criminals hits SpongeBob in the face, making him and Patrick worried. They decide to take justice into their own hands, like Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.

End of Summer Daze 233

Dan and Sticky Fins capture Patrick.

Patrick enters dressed as Barnacle Boy. SpongeBob, as Mermaid Man, introduces himself, but by the time he enters, Patrick has already been captured and tied up. SpongeBob sulks outside his cabin, realizing he cannot save Patrick on his own. A jellyfish comes by and stings him, giving him the idea to capture a jellyfish army and defeat the criminals.

End of Summer Daze 280

SpongeBob catches his first jellyfish.

SpongeBob goes to Jelly Meadows again and tries to catch one, but is again unable. He remembers Patrick's advice and clears his mind. A jellyfish promptly flies into his net. SpongeBob runs around camp celebrating his first catch, and wants to show Patrick. He remembers that Patrick is in trouble and starts to catch more jellyfish. When he is done, Sensei Buzz Buzz awards him his jellyfishing badge.

Meanwhile, Patrick has been eating Dan and Sticky Fins' pies, unaware that they are full of treasure. SpongeBob shows up and gets the criminals to chase after him, tricking them into being flung by a tripwire. He and the jellyfish repeatedly outsmart Dan and Sticky Fins, taking them around camp while being subject to various injuries.

At the exit to camp, an exhausted Dan and Sticky Fans demand that SpongeBob return to their hideout. SpongeBob gets them to leave by showing up with a giant jellyfish made of smaller ones. The jellyfish chase them away for good. Patrick, who has freed himself and is eating a pie, shows up safe.

Krabs comes back, glad that he is not going to get in trouble for losing the campers. He gets them on the bus, but Patrick has an upset stomach from eating the pies, and coughs out some treasure. They get on the bus, where SpongeBob happily reflects on the summer and is excited for next year. Krabs gives Patrick a money bag to vomit into and drives on a bumpy road so that he will spit out more treasure. As the final episode irises out, Elwood says, "This was fun!"


This episode was confirmed as "Untitled series finale" on January 13, 2023.[6]

Its name and plot were confirmed on December 25, 2023.


 ) Production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Ridin' Herd - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [Title card and opening.]
  Dramatic Chords And Bridges 2 - Remastered - Sten Clift [Watch tower collapses.]
  Droopy - Arthur Wilkinson [Watch tower in ruins.]
  Say it with a Smile (d) - Dick Walter ["This reporter is ready to go home."]
  Sunshine Whistle March A - H C Mylla, Niels Holland [Mr. Krabs tells Patrick to clean up his trash.]
  Gallant Games - Maurice Courpalay [Regigilled carrying luggage.]
  Say it with a Smile (e) - Dick Walter ["How upsetting."]
  The Black Bull Gallop - Dick Walter [Tall Tail airs out the Frigate cabin.]
  ? - Ego Plum ["Hurry it up!"]
  ? - Ego Plum [Big Roxy carrying suitcases.]
  River Queen - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [Larry hugs Squidward.]
  Nippy Nipper - Remastered - Tommy Reilly ["We survived another summer!"]
  Fight! Fight! Fight! A - Will Schaefer [Camp leaders celebrating the end of summer.]
  Lost Patrol - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [Campers boarding the buses home.]
  Keep It Steady - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [The buses drive away.]
  Pins And Needles - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [Bus stops at a toll booth.]
  Hillbilly Home - Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [Narlene and Nobby as toll booth attendants.]
  Lost John - Jerry Burnham, Stephen Wade, Saul Broudy [Narlene steals Mr. Krabs' wallet.]
  Spaghetti Western (a) - Dick Walter [Kamp Koral completely deserted.]
  Tricks and Traps - James McConnel [SpongeBob hiding in the lighthouse.]
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  • This is the series finale to Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years.
    • This is the first series in the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise to end its run.
      • According to Brian Robbins, Kamp Koral was always planned to be a "limited summer series," explaining its conclusion after two seasons.[7]

Cultural references[]

  • SpongeBob clinking bottles on his fingers while calling "Criminals, come out and play!" is a reference to the 1979 film The Warriors.
  • When SpongeBob tries to concentrate on catching his first jellyfish, for a brief moment a fish version of The Vitruvian Man appears.

Episode references[]

  • Sandy mentions that she has to take a train home for the good of the timeline, saying "see you for Tea at the Treedome!" as she leaves.
  • Sandy using balloons from her suit to fly to the surface is something she previously did in "Prickly Pests."
  • The cereal box and trash can decoys SpongeBob and Patrick use on the camp are from "Goofy Scoopers."
  • When SpongeBob shouts "Yes!" at a jellyfish, he makes the same face he does in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
  • When SpongeBob is jellyfishing, scenes from "Nature Pants" and "Tea at the Treedome" are recreated.
  • When SpongeBob catches his first jellyfish, a "First catch!" sign shows up, just like in his dream from "The Jellyfish Kid."


  • Plankton says that he legally died seven times at camp. However, when Nurse Helga shows his first aid loyalty card, there are nine holes punched in it.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
German Das Ende der[sic] Sommers (Paramount+ Global YouTube listing)
Das Ende des Sommers (Paramount+ listing)
The End of Summer


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