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The Empty Head Society, or E.H.S. for short, is a club that appears in the episode "The Nitwitting."


The Empty Head Society is a club where people can, as Patrick states, "give their powerful intellects a rest" by removing their brains, reducing them to complete idiots. The club is located in a cardboard box and is centered around the idiotic and zany hijinks that result from the stupidity of the various members. The president of the society is the Ice Cream King.

While the species and appearance of the members vary, each member of the Empty Head Society wears a red propeller hat to signify that they are part of the club, with the Ice Cream King wearing a red propeller hat with a crown to signify his job as president.

Due to the club's stupidity and their habit of making messes when unleashed upon Bikini Bottom, there is another club called F.E.M.A., meaning "Fix the Emptyheads Mess Again!!!," that is dedicated to the cleanup of Bikini Bottom after the Empty Head Society wrecks it.

Notable members


As a club, the Empty Head Society has various rituals that they perform, though they are very odd due to the members' stupidity.

The club has a special handshake that is performed between two people, and consists of grabbing the other person's tongue and shaking it like a hand.

The club holds monthly meetings that start with a club member dropping a cinder block on their feet, causing them to scream and warn the other club members of the meeting. The club members then rush to the front of a stage, which usually ends up as a big dog pile that doubles as the meeting's seating plan.

The Ice Cream King will then address the club and get his secretary to read the minutes from the back of a Kelpo cereal box, before kicking the secretary away and asking if there are any new members. New members need to demonstrate their stupidity, which the Ice Cream King rewards with a medal of trash.

The other club members then put their saliva in a jar for the new member to date and store, before encouraging the new member to drink some lemonade, though drinking the saliva will earn the member another medal.

The Ice Cream King would then talk about helping the citizens of Bikini Bottom via some civic duty, an event the club names "the Nitwitting." The club members would then perform their club oath, before taking to Bikini Bottom's streets and "helping" the town using their insane methods, which often lead to more harm than help.

Role in episode

After SpongeBob and Patrick cycle through the Barg'N-Mart blindfolded, they end up behind the supermarket where the Empty Head Society's clubhouse is located. Patrick says he has to go in for a meeting, interesting SpongeBob and causing him to join Patrick. Inside, the pair see several members of the Empty Head Society do stupid things before reaching a check-in where they swap their brains for hats. A club member then injures himself, signifying the start of a meeting led by the Ice Cream King.

Patrick encourages SpongeBob to join by launching him towards the Ice Cream King, who becomes impressed by SpongeBob when he injures himself. The club members then fill a jar with spit and pass it to SpongeBob, who accidentally drinks it instead of storing, dating it, and drinking some lemonade, though the Ice Cream King rewards him for his mistake. The King goes on to tell the club about their duty to help Bikini Bottom, before he and the other members sing the club's oath and set out to help on their miniature boatmobiles.

The Empty Head Society head into Bikini Bottom and scare the citizens, before splitting up and causing havoc at Bowl, Larry's gym, and a traffic intersection. SpongeBob questions the group's helping, and is later yelled at by the Ice Cream King for not being stupid enough, causing SpongeBob to quit the club.

Later, SpongeBob regains his brain and goes to clean up after the Empty Head Society, only to find that everything has been fixed. He then runs into Sandy, who reveals that she is part of a club dedicated to cleaning the messes made by the Empty Head Society. The two are then ambushed by the club, who sing their club oath as Patrick drives into them and then into the camera, ending the episode.