The Employee of the Month Award is an award given every month by Eugene H. Krabs to the Krusty Krab employee who he believes deserves it. It first appears in and is a plot point of the episode "Employee of the Month."


The award has a wooden frame and a plaque that has the month that it was given out. There are 43 images of the winner, which is usually a picture of SpongeBob. The 44th frame has a plaque, but is blank.

Winners of the award

Role in series

"Employee of the Month"

The whole episode revolves on how Squidward and SpongeBob compete on getting the Employee of the Month award. The award was given out in late January.

Flip or Flop

This is the motivation to complete the game. Beating all three levels and completing the game gives the player "Employee of the Week." Otherwise, SpongeBob cleans up the kitchen while Squidward gets the status.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

In one of the first scenes, SpongeBob tells Gary that Mr. Krabs will be announcing the new manager of the Krusty Krab 2, and says that he believes that he will be the new manager because he has 374 consecutive employee of the month awards.

"The Original Fry Cook"

In this episode, Jim receives "The Best Employee Ever Award," which was placed under all of SpongeBob's Employee of the Month awards.

"Breath of Fresh Squidward"

Squidward, after being shocked by his electric fence, begins to work as a cook along with SpongeBob. After Squidward adds ketchup dimples to a Krabby Patty, SpongeBob eagerly tells Mr. Krabs as he thinks that this will hurt Squidward's chances of getting the award, but Mr. Krabs loves it and gives the award to Squidward anyway. This serves as the catalyst to send SpongeBob over the edge, lashing out at him during Squidward's celebration party at Patrick's house.

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