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Ha ha ha, ha ha ha! It's a giraffe!

The elephant bubble is a large bubble that appears in the episodes "Bubblestand," "Spot Returns," and "Who R Zoo?"


It is, as implied, an elephant-shaped bubble.

Role in series


When SpongeBob is showing Patrick various bubbles from his technique, he uses two hands on his bubble wand to create this bubble. Patrick mistakes it for a giraffe and laughs until the bubble ends up blowing inside of Squidward's house. The bubble then pops into a bunch of miniature bubbles, making a loud elephant trumpet noise.

"Spot Returns"

SpongeBob blows this bubble before noticing Plankton painting a sign next to the Chum Bucket.

"Who R Zoo?"

SpongeBob and Patrick blow this bubble again as part of one of the many animals for their Bubble Zoo. It, along with the rest of the animals, comes to life after being provoked by Squidward.

Patrick tries to ride it by pulling on its nose, only to fall off of it.

It appears at the end of the episode in a cage with a real elephant at the Bikini Bottom Zoo.


  • The elephant bubble also appears on the cover of the SpongeBob SquarePants book Bubble Busters.
  • Patrick mistakes this bubble for a giraffe. Coincidentally, an actual bubble giraffe would appear 20 years later in the season 12 episode "Who R Zoo?"
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