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"Electric Zoo" is a techno/breakbeat song heard in the episode "Krab Borg." Mr. Krabs listens to it while counting his money, to great enjoyment. He loves the song so much he asks the radio station to play it again. This song also plays as the episode's title card music.

The song's title is said by a radio DJ. Despite the title being "Electric Zoo," Mr. Krabs basically calls it "the one that goes Beep boo-doo bop boo-doo beep," making SpongeBob confused because, only hearing him say this misunderstood title, he comes to the conclusion that Mr. Krabs is a robot.

The song was composed by series writer/executive producer Paul Tibbitt and solely uses instruments.


  • "Electric Zoo" draws parallels with several real-life things.
  • The song bears strong melodic resemblance to "Flow" by Capone, a drum and bass artist.
  • There are other songs in real life that are known as "Electric Zoo."
  • Electric Zoo is also the name of a famous EDM music festival held annually in New York City. While "Krab Borg" came out in 2002, the Electric Zoo Festival debuted in 2009. https://electriczoofestival.com
  • This is the first song that Paul Tibbitt wrote solo.
  • This song was featured in The Yellow Album.
  • The entire song is a repetitive loop of the same electronic music sounds and beats.
    • The electric music sound and beat repeats 12 times in the original recording.
  • The song became a popular meme, especially Mr. Krabs' dance to this song.
  • This song seems to be a pastiche of the music of the band Kraftwerk.