The Elastic Waistband is a superhero who first appears in the episode "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V," and later appears in "The Bad Guy Club for Villains." He is part of The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances (IJLSA).

Patrick Star is briefly given this role. He has the ability to become very flexible. His costume is a green suit with blue and red goggles.


"Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V"

On SpongeBob's lunchbox, he is shown wearing a green costume, blue goggles with red holes, and yellow hair.

"The Bad Guy Club for Villains"

He does not wear a mask. He has a white headband, yellow hair, and a purple suit.


  • Flexibility: He can bend into different shapes and sizes.
  • Inflatable gut: He reflects attacking projectiles.


  • If he gets stretched out too much, he is temporarily unable to revert to normal.

Role in series

"Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V"

SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, and Mermaid Man roleplay as the IJLSA to get back at Barnacle Boy joining the dark side. Patrick roleplays as the Elastic Waistband.

Role in video/online games

Lights, Camera, Pants!

His costume appears in the Mermalair stage in the Game Boy Advance version of this video game.

Bikini Bottom Brawlers

He is one of Patrick's outfits.

Super Brawl Universe

Sleepy Time 052
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Role in books

Crime and Funishment

He is seen in the "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V" segment of the book.

The Adventures of Man Sponge and Boy Patrick in E.V.I.L vs. the I.J.L.S.A

He had the some role as the episode.

The Adventures of Man Sponge and Boy Patrick in The Mega-Justice Collection

He was seen in the The Adventures of Man Sponge and Boy Patrick in E.V.I.L vs. the I.J.L.S.A segment of the book, where he has the same role it has in the episode.


  • The Elastic Waistband is a parody of Mister Fantastic and Ms. Marvel from Marvel Comics and Plastic Man and Elongated Man from DC Comics.
  • In the Nicktoons crossover video game Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots, Patrick mentions being the Elastic Waistband when the player plays as him.
  • In "The Bad Guy Club for Villains," the Elastic Waistband cannot stretch but can only inflate his waist, allowing him to reflect things that came into contact with him.
  • An elastic waistband in real life is a stretchable device sewn into clothes in place of a belt; his name references his ability to stretch much like the device itself.
  • The Dirty Bubble particularly dislikes him.
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (VE)
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