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The eating contest belt is a belt that appears in the episode "What's Eating Patrick?" and the online game Sponge Star Patrick Pants.


The eating contest belt is a large brown belt with a gold and dark orange-gold plate that shows an image of a Krabby Patty on it.

Role in series

"What's Eating Patrick?"

The eating contest belt is defended every year at the Krusty Krab in an eating contest on Founders Day. The belt was won five years in a row by Oswald McNulty, who is well known for eating a lot of Krabby Patties without chewing on them. Eventually, during the sixth year of the event, Mr. Krabs decides to enter Patrick in the contest, believing he is the only one that can defeat McNulty. Krabs then trains Patrick until the day of the eating contest, where Oswald enters wearing the belt.

Patrick and Oswald compete evenly in the contest until it appears that the two of them cannot eat anymore. However, Patrick is cheered on by Ted's son and is able to eat the last Krabby Patty, making him win the contest. He is then awarded the belt and is asked by Perch Perkins if he is going to defend it the following year. However, as he is about to answer, the belt flies off his stomach and hits the boy on his other foot off-screen.

Role in Sponge Star Patrick Pants

It is one of twelve collectible "Bikini Booty" items found in chests scattered throughout the game. Specifically, it is found in the treasure chest in Patrick Star's house.