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Easter with SpongeBob (German: Ostern mit SpongeBob) is a SpongeBob SquarePants DVD box-set that was released exclusively in Germany on May 5, 2015 and contains one episode from season 3, five episodes from season 4, seven episodes from season 5, and eight episodes from season 7.

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To Love a Patty

87a - "To Love a Patty"
90a - "A Flea in Her Dome"
94b - "Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob"
91b - "Le Big Switch"
90b - "The Donut of Shame"
93c - "BlackJack"
94a - "Blackened Sponge"
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Heroes of Bikini Bottom

135a - "Back to the Past"
135b - "The Bad Guy Club for Villains"
131a - "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful"
131b - "A Pal for Gary"
132a - "Yours, Mine and Mine"
132b - "Kracked Krabs"
136a - "A Day Without Tears"
136b - "Summer Job"
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Where's Gary?

63 - "Have You Seen This Snail?"
62a - "The Lost Mattress"
62b - "Krabs vs. Plankton"
64b - "Good Neighbors"
64a - "Skill Crane"
55a - "The Great Snail Race"
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  • Despite the title, none of the episodes on this DVD are Easter-themed.