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You can earn medals on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia by producing great quality contributions. You'll find the medals you've earned on your user profile page.


Here at Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, you can earn medals as a reward for performing contributions that significantly "stand out" from the rest. Any user below the sysop user group can always suggest users who they think should earn a medal to any administrator. These can be good quality contributions, hard work, and passionate effort. Medals may be rewarded by a member of the administration.

List of medals

Name Image Description
Abstract Concept of Thought Squilliam Returns 048a Awarded for being a chat moderator.
Administrator Flotsam The Lost Mattress 102 Awarded for being an administrator.
Bob Esponja Second logo (Spanish) Awarded for helping out with International SpongeBob SquarePants articles.
Chum is Fum! Chum Bucket Supreme 28 Awarded for being a discussion moderator.
Coral TV Anemoni Awarded for helping out with episode articles.
Cleanup Cleanupimage Awarded for cleaning up articles.
Earworm Earworm character Awarded for helping out with music articles.
Eels and Escalators Eels & Escalators Awarded for helping out with game articles.
Fry Cook Games The Fry Cook Games 149 Awarded for helping out with event articles.
Go to Work SBi8 Awarded for helping out with transcripts.
Krabby Patty Secret Formula SecretFormula2 Awarded for helping out with object articles.
Manager Manager Awarded for being a bureaucrat.
Plan Z Plan Z Awarded for adding infoboxes to articles.
Rippy Bits Artist Unknown 025 Awarded for being a rollback.
Skyscraper Sleepy Time 052 Awarded for expanding articles.
Snapshot The Bully 126a Awarded for helping out with galleries.
Squid Doodle Squid Doodle Awarded for replacing low quality images with higher quality images.
Tom Kenny Tom Kenny - 2 Awarded for helping out with person articles.
Vice Assistant General Manager Stanley24 Awarded for being an assistant.
User of the Month Employee of the Month (34) Awarded for becoming the User of the Month.
What Zit Tooya MrwasgehtdasanFuehrerschein Awarded for helping out with character articles.

Administrative handbook

Any user in a user group with protected page editing privileges will be able to access the module interface controlled from ESB:Medals. Assistants have protected editing abilities but do not have the authority to make settings changes to the interface. Therefore it may be considered against their privileges for them to use it on that matter without administrative approval.

For administrators, you simply access the module by pressing a button which appears to those who have the ability to edit the database (i.e. users who have protected editing abilities). Once clicked, you will see a module with three tabs: "Main," "Users," and "Medals."

  • Main = Settings configuration management.
  • Users = Users who have medals already.
  • Medals = Medals created.

The "Main" tabber controls the basic settings configured when they were first installed on the wiki.

The "Users" is the area where you control the medals a user has and where you can add a new user form.

The "Medals" tabber is where you can control the available medals. You can add and remove available medals.

Please be aware to press "Save" on the interface to publish your changes to the database.

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