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You can earn badges on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia by editing pages, uploading photos, and leaving comments. Each badge earns you points - the more points you get, the higher up the leaderboard you go! You'll find the badges you've earned on your user profile page.

Badge categories

There are many categories for badges that you can earn:

  • Editing certain types of articles (episodes, characters, etc).
  • Writing blog posts, as well as commenting on them.
  • Contributing to the wiki every day for a certain amount of time.
  • Leaving messages on other users’ talk pages.
  • Adding articles to categories.
  • Joining the wiki (all you have to do is join the wiki).
  • Getting the lucky edit on the wiki (such as 1,000,000).

Badge farming

Some users might try to edit things only to get badges instead of helping the wiki. This is a list of signs of badge farming:

  • Editing the same article multiple times, over a short period of time.
  • Adding to articles, only to remove it seconds later (i.e: adding a period, and then removing the same period a second later).

Solutions to Badge farming for the Administration:

  • Warn the user. Warning a user works well, and can generally prevent badge farming. If that doesn't work…
    • Block the user. It is an extreme measure, but prevents the user from gaining access to the wiki just to get badges.


Note: Some badges in the gallery don't exist anymore.

Current badges

Image Name and description
Dancing with the Jellyfish
Awarded for adding 50 categories to pages
SpongeBob's Award
Awarded for making 500 article edits
Tour Bus Person
Awarded for adding 1 picture

to an article

Awarded for adding 5 pictures

to articles

Sandy Objects
Awarded for adding 10 pictures

to articles

Pointing Fingers is Not Fun
Awarded for adding 25 pictures

to articles

Throw Away
Awarded for adding 50 pictures to articles
I'm Wearing a Wig
Awarded for adding 100 pictures

to articles

The Broken Spatula
Awarded for adding 250 pictures to articles
SpongeBob’s Face
Awarded for adding 500 pictures to articles (this one is a continually earned one, starting at 500 pictures, and awarded for every 500 after that)
Captured and Imprisoned by Plankton
Awarded for contributing to the wiki every day for 365 days

Retired badges

Image Name and description
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