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User of the Month is an award given to a user of Encyclopedia SpongeBobia who has made great contributions.


  • 1. This is awarded to one user each month, who will be featured on the homepage, and contain a link to a page that highlights why they received the award and the work they have done.
  • 2. Procedures
  • a. Eligibility
  • i. A user must have contributed for at least one (1) month in order to qualify.
  • ii. A user must have made at least fifty (50) main namespace edits in order to qualify.
  • iii. Anyone can nominate any other user except themselves.
  • b. Disqualification
  • i. Anyone who requests that another user nominate them will be disqualified for six (6) months.
  • ii. Anyone who complains that they have not been nominated will be disqualified for six (6) months.
  • iii. Nominated users in which the rating drops below 0 for at least seven (7) days will be marked as expired.
  • c. Nomination process
  • i. The nominator will create a nomination page and list reasons why the person should be nominated.
  • ii. Everyone except the user who is nominated can contribute to the discussion and show their support or oppose for the nomination. However, the user who is nominated is allowed to comment in the discussion.
  • iii. Nomination discussions expire after (3) months. After this, a user can be renominated.
  • iv. On the last day of each month the next month's User of the Month will be determined based on the following formula: (Number of Supports)-(Number of Opposed)=Nomination Rating. The current user with the highest nomination rating at the time will be awarded "User of the Month" for the following month.
  • d. Ties
  • i. If there is a tie for the highest rating at the end of the month, the nominations will remain open until there is a change that results in one user having a higher rating.
  • ii. If the user who makes such a change is the user who ends up having the highest rating (such as removing their vote from another nomination), they shall be disqualified.


When someone is awarded with UOTM, they will be spotlighted on the main page. The following is the basic format of their spotlight:

  • Their USERNAME, the DATE they first edited
  • If they are a bureaucrat, administrator, assistant, discussion moderator, chat moderator, and/or rollback, include that and the DATE they were promoted
  • Include specific contributions, projects, etc. the user has been involved in
  • Include how they interact with the community and how much involvement they have in community discussion.



To nominate someone, use the following form:

  • 1. Replace USERNAME with the username of the person you wish to nominate in the box below.
  • 2. If that person has already been nominated, then you would add a "/2" or /"3" etc. after their name. (Example: USERNAME/2 or USERNAME/3) Do not create another nomination page for a user until all previous nomination pages for that user have been archived.
  • 3. Click the button to create the nomination page.
  • 4. On the nomination page, state your reasons for why you believe the user you nominated should be awarded User of the Month.
  • 5. When you save the page, post the nomination to the ESB:Nominations page so that all nominations are listed in one place.

Currently disqualified

No one is currently disqualified.


Nominee Nominator When nominated (UTC) Rating
Oswarudo (nomination page) by The gamer 987654321 April 13, 2021 at 15:33 UTC 11
SPONGEBOBSUPERFANINFINITY (nomination page) by The gamer 987654321 April 13, 2021 at 15:33 UTC 11

Ratings last updated May 1, 2021, at 00:04 (UTC) (edit this table)

Ratings also include the nominator. Note that nominations expire after 3 months, but the person can be re-nominated immediately.


Main page template

When someone is awarded User of the Month, use this template to display the information:



Older nominations list: ESB:User of the Month/archive

Past nominees: ESB:User of the Month/nominee archive

The following is an archive of previous nominations, either successful or unsuccessful.

Nominee Nominator Discussion Result
BSpongeSM02 (nomination page) by Anthony2306 September 24, 2020—October 1, 2020 Rating of 34; UOTM for October 2020.
Anthony2306 (nomination page) by ItzSpongeBob 1999 October 3, 2020—October 3, 2020 Rating of 2; nomination declined
Theremind Lover (nomination page) by ChipFan111 October 3, 2020—October 4, 2020 Rating of 5; nomination declined
Anthony2306 (nomination page) by Peachy4872 October 11, 2020 Rating of 0; Withdrawn
ItzSpongeBob 1999 (nomination page) by Peachy4872 October 11, 2020 Rating of -2; Withdrawn
Kylecocjin (nomination page) by JustANormalDespacito October 3, 2020—October 28, 2020 Rating of -1; nomination expired.
Frenchie818 (nomination page) by ItzSpongeBob 1999 October 22, 2020—October 29, 2020 Rating of -10; nomination expired.
Stryker305 (nomination page) by SpongeTron D October 1, 2020—November 3, 2020 Rating of 17; UOTM for November 2020.
AJL42158 (nomination page) by KennyPhilenton16 October 4, 2019—November 7, 2020 Rating of 0; nomination expired.
Albert's Country (nomination page) by SteveBill2003 October 4, 2019—November 7, 2020 Rating of -1; nomination expired.
Boop Esponja (nomination page) by Honeybee240 March 2, 2019—November 7, 2020 Rating of 1; nomination expired.
Devon5432 (nomination page) by Mind Luxor April 23, 2019—November 7, 2020 Rating of -1; nomination expired.
Doctor Patrick (nomination page) by RedDragon2515 June 26, 2019—November 7, 2020 Rating of 1; nomination expired.
Riolulover2004 (nomination page) by Kylecocjin November 5, 2020—December 1, 2020 Rating of 7; UOTM for December 2020.
SupraRZmk4 (nomination page) by Anthony2306 December 1, 2020—January 1, 2021 Rating of 12; UOTM for January 2021.
This account was made on September 17 2019 (nomination page) by StM8 MINDS November 3, 2020—February 1, 2021 Rating of 7; UOTM for February 2021.
SpongeTron D (nomination page) by Kylecocjin February 15, 2021—March 1, 2021 Rating of 10; UOTM for March 2021.
SpongeyDude714 (nomination page) by The gamer 987654321 March 5, 2021—April 1, 2021 Rating of 8; UOTM for April 2021.
FireMatch (nomination page) by Anthony2306 April 9, 2021—May 1, 2021 Rating of 14; UOTM for May 2021.

All past winners

Month User
July 2014 AMK152
August 2014 Josephyr
September 2014 AW10
October 2014 ZeoSpark
November 2014 Spongebob456
December 2014 Nicko756
January 2015 Tanhamman
February 2015 Comrade SS
March 2015 120d
April 2015 TheImaginativeS
May 2015 President Dubstep
June 2015 SBCA
July 2015 JCM
August 2015 Tominator777
September 2015 PatrickFan1
October 2015 Patapon Donchaka
November 2015 ChocolateBrownieBoy
December 2015 Koolkitty108
January 2016 Jensonk
February 2016 AustinD-3
March 2016 Squiddleward
April 2016 MightyMorphinJon
May 2016 SonicTheEpic
June 2016 Navus
July 2016 Nick mick
August 2016 Depth Strider 10
September 2016 SpongeFreddy777
October 2016 Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls
November 2016 TheOneFootTallBrickWall
December 2016 Roller Cowards Rocks
January 2017 Qwertyxp2000 the second
February 2017 DragonSpore18
March 2017 Chuck123456
April 2017 Hannah Rae
May 2017 Rocky Lobster
June 2017 SpongeBot678
July 2017 DanzxvFan8275
August 2017 ThomasGaming64
September 2017 Cans48
October 2017 Spongebobvstheloudhouse
November 2017 Alex.sapre
December 2017 Golfpecks256
January 2018 Figmeister
February 2018 Bluebunny507
March 2018 Expert at Terraria
April 2018 Patricckko
May 2018 FlyingDutchmen
June 2018 Koolkitty108
July 2018 TheKorraFanatic
August 2018 CheeseCrocker
September 2018 Anthony2306
October 2018 A Wikia Contributor ITALIAN's return
November 2018 The Smarter, Wiser King Dedede
December 2018 EmilyHarmonizer02
January 2019 Kandy Katie
February 2019 Spongebob456
March 2019 Kingdevo215
April 2019 SpungiBub
May 2019 Chickenkrispies
October 2020 BSpongeSM02
November 2020 Stryker305
December 2020 Riolulover2004
January 2021 SupraRZmk4
February 2021 This account was made on September 17 2019
March 2021 SpongeTron D
April 2021 SpongeyDude714
May 2021 FireMatch
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