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The talk pages policy details how talk pages are to be used on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia. These are important so that all users can effectively discuss improvements to articles with each other.

Talk pages policy

  • Talk pages are for discussing the article itself, not the subject of the article. Discussion about the subject of the articles should go in the relevant comment section, on discussions, the Discord server or a message wall. Content on talk pages that is not to do with the article will be removed.
  • When posting on talk pages, it is required to leave your username, so that everyone knows who posted what. It is strongly recommended to use a signature to do this. A post left without a signature will have the {{Unsigned}} template placed after the post.
  • You must use headers when posting on talk pages. This helps to prevent different conversations getting mixed up. Any post that does not use headers will be removed.

All other policies generally applying to communication also apply on talk pages.