Sponge Cup Episode Pants — Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to participate?

Certainly. We warmly welcome you all to participate. Anyone can participate at any time. There is no signup or anything prior in order to vote.

How do I vote?

The manual outlines this part. For single episode voting pages (like the episodes round (1)), then you just type (here's an example for support), {{SupportVote|6}}. You choose between support, neutral, or oppose (which in the example was "Support") and then choose a rating (which in the example was "6"). For multiple episodes in a voting page, (like the groups round (2) and the tournament round (3)), your vote also has to specify which of the two episodes it's pointed towards. Here's an example of a support vote for Help Wanted, {{SupportVote|6|001a}}. It's case sensitive so please get the production code right (it is not 1a, it's 001a). You specific support, neutral or oppose (in this example, "Support"), then the rating (in this example, "6") and then which episode it applies to out of the two (in this case, Help Wanted based on "001a" as the production code.

The concept is simple. If you support an episode, use support. If you oppose it, then oppose. If you neutral, then neutral. With support & oppose, you can express your opinion through a scale of ratings. In your votes, you can also include a review if you want or a reason behind your vote.

For multiple episode pages (which is basically when an episode goes against another), same concept applies. Let's take EpisodeA or EpisodeB. If you want EpisodeA to win, you can either support EpisodeA or oppose EpisodeB. If you want EpisodeB to win, you have the options of either supporting EpisodeB or opposing EpisodeA. Whichever you feel more passionate about. Neutral is an option as well.

You vote with your signature. The default signature for everyone can be seen by typing ~~~~. Otherwise, you are free to use a custom signature if you have one.

How long is it?

Until the anniversary day. Which is 91 days from now. (April 17, 2019-July 17, 2019)

How many episodes are getting reviewed?

128 episodes. They were selected based on their popularity in the top ten lists activity.

How will I be updated with the latest games?

You can always stay updated by checking the tables @ ESB:SpongeCupEpisodePants. However, there will also be pop up reminders at the start of each opening.

Questions / concerns / feedback

Post on the thread.

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