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The sources policy is about how at ESB, we want to have factual and reliable information for readers and users. We want to make sure it comes from verified sources may be information as accurate as it can possibly be on the wiki.

Sources policy

Sourcing requirements

The following content must be backed up by at least one acceptable source when the information is added to the wiki. If the information is added to the wiki without an acceptable source, it may be challenged and removed:

  • Dates of episode premieres outside of the United States;
  • Media of any sort which has not yet been released in any country;
  • Media for which the premiere or release date is in the future;
  • References to information contained on incidental model sheets;
  • Personal information on cast and crew member articles;
  • Premiere dates for episodes in the United States where the date is different to the commonly established date from sources such as Wikipedia;
  • Claims about scenes from any piece of media being deleted or added in any country.

Acceptable sources


Any source that is directly from Nickelodeon, including interviews and blogs made by or performed on Nickelodeon staff, its Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and Tumblr, excluding Nick.com's TV guide due to their listings often being false or inaccurate.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Any source from a staff member of SpongeBob SquarePants or its Facebook page, including any Twitter account of a staff member of SpongeBob and the Facebook page.

TV schedule

Electronic Program Guide (EPG). Zap2it's TV schedule (not the episode guide) and The Futon Critic listings are also acceptable.

Verified social media accounts

The social media accounts for the people who are making video games, comics, DVDs/Blu-ray Discs, rides, and books and organizing events.

Trusted news sources

Trusted news sources that are acceptable by a vote of the ESB community.

Unacceptable sources


Any online database for movies and television, including but not limited to Metacritic, IMDb, TV.com, etc.


Any blog or social media that is purely speculation or fanon.


Wikipedia due to the nature of its content creation; instead, seek out the sources referenced by Wikipedia and ensure it falls under an acceptable source.

Other websites

Any website that contains sources from the places that are allowed, but speculate on any information about dates or names.

Unspecified sources

Any source not mentioned in this article should be discussed by the community to determine if it is acceptable or not.